in Varese, the big event is with the EcoRun


Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April the two days of the event which combines the passion for running with numerous solidarity initiatives. Space also for two wheels with FIAB

Lack less and less third edition of the EcoRun, the event that combines sport and nature, culture and solidarity. As in the two previous ones, the event will not only be popular, but there will be many other facets that will make 2022 an event not to be missed.

The first events will be of a cultural nature, with the thematic conferences on Friday April 8 at the Chamber of Commerce.

EcoRun Varese Environmental Conferences

Saturday 9 the preparation of the Sport Village in Monte Grappa Square and the surrounding streets. There will be several sports clubs in the city, from rugby to Paralympic sport, but also all the partner realities, from the National Carabinieri Association to the Bosina and Legambiente family. Many other activities are planned, including the civic tower tour and itineraries with Guides for groups at Villa Panza, Estensi Gardens.

The EcoRun Varese Sports Village

Sunday gives way to races but also to the novelty of this year: music. “We do it for the young people – explain the organizers -, who after two years need new stimuli to face the fragilities. The musical competition will start on Saturday and will end on Sunday with the performance of the emerging group and also of Fran and the thoughts of Molesti, who will take the stage of the May Day concert in Rome”.

Back to the race they will be five possibilities which will have as its starting point the town hall of Varese. Four on foot and one – in collaboration with Fiab Ciclocittà – by bicycle.

There are two proposals for the most experienced runners, who will also have official recognition from FIDAL (Fédération des Altétiques Légères): the 20 km and the 10 km; The 10 km will also include a non-competitive part for running and walking enthusiasts: a long walk through the Cité Jardin designed for families and friends. The last proposal will be the non-competitive 5 km: a shorter walk, at free pace, to enjoy all the beauty and greenery of the city.

For lovers of two wheels, on the other hand, it is possible to take part in a bike ride organized by Fiab with a route completely immersed in nature.

Palazzo Estense hosted the presentation press conference. President Giuseppe Micalizzi was the first to speak: “EcoRun is a solidarity event, green, lively and eclectic. The third edition lives up to its subtitle: “The celebration of ecology and sport”. The initiative was born because running is our passion, but crossing traffic hurts; hence the idea of ​​closing the historic center and he hopes this will be the first of other zero traffic opportunities. We are expanding our focus to all sports in Varese and many associations have accepted our invitation to our sports village in Piazza Monte Grappa, including Fisdir with Polha. Culture will not be lacking with commented walks and a series of conferences on the theme of the environment. Young people will have a competition with emerging groups and a big concert to close the party. Attention to solidarity is also at all times: we have undertaken to help the Gulliver Center, a well-established synergy, but also the Var section of Garlic, the association against leukemia. We want to get out of the daily frenzy to love and appreciate our Garden City”.

Deputy Mayor Ivana Perusin commented: “We thought it could be a celebration for the whole city, a moment of gathering, of pleasure but also an opportunity to be exploited. We have decided to associate the merchants of the historic center with the Commerce district: we suggest that they keep it open on Sundays because the city will be closed to traffic and to be as close as possible to this initiative we have prepared flowers which will be offered by the merchants to customers on that day. This is just the first step: this year there will be various sporting and cultural initiatives, from rowing to cycling, and it is important that traders join these initiatives and network at these major events”.

Nicoletta San Martino, Councilor for the protection of the environment: “It’s a party for the city, ecological. Our service is attentive to this aspect, which is why we wanted to involve young volunteers for the day who will take part in walks illustrating the beauties of the city”.

The sports councilor of the Municipality of Varese Stefano Malerba he closed the tour of the Administration: “Thank you to this group of crazy people who thought of this thing that brings together culture, ecology and sport. It was a visionary project and they managed to realize a magnificent project, send the message that a person’s well-being passes not only from the movement but also from the culture and the environment. I really thank the organizers; it takes vision and a bit of madness. Could it be the city of sport? Yes, if it is possible to collaborate with the administration on such important projects”.

One of the historical partners of the event is the Centro Gulliver, represented at the conference by President Emilio Curtò: “This collaboration has already started a few years ago, a sport and solidarity alliance which is not new, but which stands out because in addition to sport and culture, EcoRun is a solidarity volunteer: it is part of a Gulliver project he wants. Many of the organizers of this event trained our guests by serving in the first person.”

Cristiano Topi, President of the Garlic Section of Varèse, he will be present with his association: “For me the EcoRun is not an appointment for the race, but a gesture of love for our city. I haven’t seen an event like this in years. We will be very happy there, personally I will try to do as many activities as possible. Associations like ours allow our doctors to make projects in a short time and not in years. In the treatment of these tumours, 75% of those affected have the possibility of being cured: this is research and the basis of our activity. Next weekend we will be on the square for the usual sale of Easter eggs, we are expecting many of you”.

Daniele Marzagalli from the “Newton” institute in Varèse has once again agreed to collaborate with EcoRun this year: “We have been partners in this event since last year and we have several teachers who put themselves at the service. Our goal as a school is to train new generations and for this reason we are happy to be alongside this event on several levels, collaborating in different aspects”.

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