inaugurated the new 3 Tesla high-field MRI

The new 3 Tesla High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Centro Synlab Euganea Medica in Albignasego was inaugurated today, Wednesday April 6, in the presence of Mayor Filippo Giacinti and representatives of the highly specialized Ulss 6 Euganea images.

Magnetic resonance

The new high-field magnetic resonance imaging implements better resolution of diagnostic images thanks to which it is possible to obtain more precise and precise information in the diagnosis of patients. In addition, it is a piece of equipment that also improves the patient’s experience, ensuring the necessary comfort so that the patient can undergo the examination in peace. The application of the machinery concerns different anatomical districts, for which it will be possible to carry out specialized examinations enriching the study and investigation of pathologies in the neurological, mammary, uro-oncological and cardiological fields. Access to this service is provided both in agreement with the Regional Health Service and privately. The value and uses of the new machine were also illustrated by Andrea Laghi, full professor of radiology at La Sapienza University in Rome, director of Sant’Andrea Hospital and member of the Superior Health Council (Css) who participated in the inauguration ceremony. The new investment for the Synlab Euganea Medica Center demonstrates the company’s desire to pursue medical excellence, with the aim of providing patients with ever higher quality services and guaranteeing high-value diagnostic results. Andrea Buratti, Regional Director of North Synlab Italy says: “We are very happy to be able to welcome such a high added value machine to our center: we have always been committed to providing our patients with the best possible service, investing in the efficiency and innovation. . This new Synlab investment will improve the diagnostic activity in our region and will represent excellence for the entire Region. Another important step in a development path traced by our company, which has always aimed for excellence and quality in medical activities for the well-being of people “. The new resonance, in fact, is a very innovative diagnostic equipment of which only a few excellent medical facilities can boast in Veneto.In the Veneto region, Synlab today has a network of medical structures that currently includes more than 20 Centers located in all the provinces.In Padua and its province, the he company is present with Synlab Data Medica for medical analysis, radiology and outpatient clinic and Syynlab Cemes, a center dedicated to physiotherapy and rehabilitation, while in Albignasego there is Synlab Euganea Medica, a dedicated structure advanced imaging diagnostics, and the Euganea Clinic, which offers outpatient services, in addition to the new laboratory analysis activity.


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