‘Inclusion and Sport’. A moment of confrontation between students and the world of sport


Organized by the Regional Councilor of Lombardy for Family, Social Solidarity, Disability and Equal Opportunities, Alessandra Locatelli, in collaboration with the Coordination of the Student Council of the Regional Office of Schools of Lombardy, the event took place today at the Palazzo Lombardia ‘Inclusion and Sport’. A moment of confrontation between students and the world of sport in which Olympic and Paralympic athletes participated to deepen the theme of inclusion.

In attendance were Regional Councilors Stefano Bolognini (Metropolitan City Development, Youth and Communication) and Fabrizio Sala (Education and Research) and, in video connection, Undersecretary Antonio Rossi (Sports, 2026 Olympics and major events).

All secondary schools in Lombardy followed the live broadcast online, while some students chose to participate face-to-face. The central moment of the conference saw the protagonists of the Lombard Olympic and Paralympic athletes Maurizio Damilano (walking), Arjola Dedaj (long jump), Emanuele Di Marino (running), Giuseppe Gibilisco (pole vault and four-man bobsleigh), Andrea Liverani (target shooting), Luana Pilia (skating).

FUNDAMENTAL COLLABORATION WITH ATHLETES – “Sport – said Alessandra Locatelli – represents an extraordinary and powerful tool for inclusion, which allows to increase everyone’s psychophysical well-being. Sport and inclusion must also go hand in hand in daily life. In this sense, the great collaboration between sports associations and athletes is fundamental and, with their successes, have allowed an ever larger public to be passionate about and follow the Olympic and Paralympic Games with enthusiasm”. “Today’s meeting, requested by the Coordination of the Pupils’ Council of the Regional Direction of Schools of Lombardy, is a concrete demonstration – he continued – of this growing interest and above all it underlines a great sensitivity of part of the world of young people to know, understand and deal with these important questions”. “The challenge that awaits us for the future, also in view of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Milan-Cortina 2026, is – underlined Councilor Locatelli – to work ever more in synergy to promote a culture of sport that is in all respects inclusive and accessible to all”.

F. SALA: ESTABLISHMENTS LISTENING TO PROACTIVE YOUNG PEOPLE – “An important day, a moment of exchange desired by proactive young people, our students – declared the Education and Research Advisor, Fabrizio Sala – prepare for the challenges of the future and therefore, moments like this are an opportunity to discuss important topics such as those of sport and inclusion. Faced with the demands of young people, institutions will be able to more easily have to mind the needs of young people and help them, by providing adequate responses, to best prepare for their future”.

BOLOGNINI: ALSO THE YOUTH LAW PROMOTES INCLUSION WITH SPORT – “Sport, inclusion and equal opportunities – underlined the councilor for the development of the metropolitan city, youth and communication, Stefano Bolognini – are important issues that we have also included in the law for young people which, in sporting terms, it has been written involving federations, committees and the Italian sports center (Csi)”. “If you young people indicate your real priorities and needs – he continued – it will be much easier for us to find answers”.

“In Milan and Lombardy there are sports facilities and facilities also accessible to the disabled – he pointed out – and we are working, with a view to the Winter Olympics, but not only, to fill these gaps and create a sport for all and an authentic and full inclusion”.

UNDERSECRETARY ROSSI: THE OLYMPIC GAMES TO BRING THE DISABLED TOGETHER WITH SPORT – The Undersecretary for Sport, the 2026 Olympics and major sporting events, Antonio Rossi, also spoke on the video link. “On a national level – he recalled – only 3% practice sporting activities and as a Region we aim to increase this percentage by promoting sport at school. We hope that the Winter Olympics of Milan-Cortina 2026 can be an example to bring other disabled people into the world of sport”.

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