Inter, Perisic on the bench against Spezia

Historically, the Croatian from Inter has produced a third of goal participations during the last days of the championship: Gosens favorite as a starter, but Ivan has already scored at La Spezia.

When the going gets tough, the tough guys play. And Ivan Perisic, as soon as the temperature rises and the seasonal objective gets closer, in the category of “hard” sling without thinking twice. Decisive against Verona with two assists to embrace, thorn in the side of the opposing defenses, the Croatian is the ace in the hole of Inter d’Inzaghi. However, against Spezia, Simone should decide to leave him on the bench, with the aim of having him in the lead in the Cup derby against Milan. On the one hand there is Gosens, who is watching for a starting jersey, on the other the Perisic of recent weeks: an essential pawn in the race for the championship, which it is becoming more and more difficult to give up.

Quota hundred

In this Serie A, number 44 has already conceded 5 goals and 4 assists including two arrivals last weekend. While negotiations for the extension of the contract continue in the offices of the club, Ivan concentrates on the ground and has targeted… a hundred quota. Since his arrival in Milan in the summer of 2015, he has indeed collected 96 “bonuses” (50 goals and 46 assists) in all competitions: hitting the goal in the last days of the championship is difficult but not impossible, especially for those – like Perisic – likes to be the protagonist when the stakes rise.

Grand finale

During the seven years spent at Inter, Perisic has always been exalted in the last part of the championship. Seeing is believing: the bonuses collected in Serie A are 84, of which 28 – exactly a third of the total – scored after the 30th day. An important contribution, in the most complicated moment of the season, valuable in trying to achieve the goal. Ivan’s best, to be exact, was seen in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018: 7 appearances in the last 8 rounds, entered on the scoresheet two years in a row.

Spice today

As for the second round with Gosens, the German is definitely the favorite. Ivan could also take the pitch during the current match, either from the outside or in a more advanced position. Al Picco already scored last season, when he scored the final goal 1-1 answering Farias’ advantage. Thiago Motta will try to imitate the Italian company, responding to the attacks of Dzeko & Co.: to succeed, he will also have to pay particular attention to the darts of Perisic, if he were to be included in the second half. Like the most beautiful flowers, the Croatian blooms in the spring: Thiago warned, warned.


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