Is milk for breakfast bad for your health? When and how much to drink

Milk for breakfast, especially for us Italians, is a daily must. In reality there are specific rules and contraindications to taking this drink. Let’s explore the subject together.

Is breakfast milk bad for your health? (Alexas_Photos from Pixabay)


On the table of breakfast of all Italian, the Milk it’s truly unmissable: whether on its own or added to coffee, it’s an essential part of the first meal of the day.

There are different brands and types of drink in question: if you want to know which is the best in the supermarket, we recommend you take a look at next item.

Starting from the general dietary rule that the abuse of any food is not good for the body, even for milk there are some rules and advice to follow. Just as the contraindications are different.

Yes or no milk for breakfast? How much to drink? When to drink it? So many questions that must be answered so as not to affect ours. health.

Milk: when and how much to drink?

Last warning: for any weight problem or allergy, never trust online advice. Instead, listen to the advice of an expert in the field.

Milk (pixabay photo by @Imoflow)

So let’s analyze the different types on the market, the contraindications and the benefits it provides for the health of the organism.

There really are many variations of milk on the market: there are only vaccine (extracted from cows), i.e. the classic partly skimmed or whole. Then there are all the variants used for vegetarians or vegans: among these there is that of soy, that of almonds where Oats.

The latter have the advantage of being much less caloric than the classics given the absence of lactose, casein and fat. The best from this point of view is certainly soy milk: for a glass of 150 ml it contains approximately 50 calories.

The rice or almond variants instead contain around 80, always based on a glass of the same size.

Milk at breakfast: yes or no?

According to what industry experts report, there is no no contraindications to drink milk for breakfast. All of this unless you have an eating disorder or allergy.

You can therefore be assured of the dietary standards dictated by the leading experts in the sector and consume milk with the first meal of the day.

They also specify that it is preferable to consume only all given the high level of satiety, the leading role in lowering blood sugar and the very low amount of fat (about 3%).

How much milk to drink?

Almond milk
Almond milk (Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)

Still according to studies carried out by analysts and nutritionists, the ideal quantity of milk to drink is that of 150ml. So it’s a full glass but not a cup. In fact, it would exceed the recommended amounts.

Finally, it is important not to be limited to a single type, but to vary throughout the week: if three days are designated for whole milk, the other four will be divided between that of oats or rice or almonds.

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