“It is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and fights chronic diseases and cognitive decline”

FALCONARE- sport And the elderly, an inseparable couple. Many scientific studies support this thesis: the elderly who practice aptitude they maintain better health. According to the WHO, sport for the elderly is good because it improves cardiovascular and muscular health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases, depression and cognitive decline.

“Physical activity, for everyone but especially for the elderly, is extremely important – underlines Simone Marzioni, owner of the Karmafit gym in Falconara, in the province of Ancona -. Longer life expectancies have led people to take an increasing interest in their own health in order to maintain and improve their physical and mental efficiency as they age. And it is precisely at Karmafit that are organized ad hoc courses for the third age, which are particularly appreciated. But beware: good ageing, reminds Marzioni, “can be achieved throughout life, in particular through healthy eating and physical activity”. You have been warned.

gentle gymnastics
The first words are entrusted to the trainer: “Our format of soft gymnastics is particular: the characteristics are always the same but the methods are different. And that’s because everything is aimed at maintaining motor skills, reactivating muscles and joint mobility”. The details: “There’s the focus for balance that many people have lost or haven’t even developed over the years and which is closely tied to sensory channels such as sight and hearing.” And here is psychokinesis and the association “of commands to the movements of the upper and lower limbs in colors and numbers in order to stimulate concentration”. Hence the specificity of glenohumeral mobility “more commonly known as the shoulder joint, where one works not only for mobility but also to strengthen the muscles and tendons of the “rotator cuff” which, with the years wear out”. And then it’s by weight. “It is essential to work on it – explains Marzioni -, as the years increase, there is a progressive physiological decrease in muscle mass and strength. Work with weights, not excessive, helps to maintain strength, muscle power and to fight against osteoporosis”. For those who have back problems, Pancafit arrives, specially designed for this precious part of our body.

Exercises for the over 65s
Sport for the over 65s? It starts with walking which strengthens the bones and tones the muscles while keeping in shape, it continues with water sports such as swimming but also aqua fitness or cycling in the water, And then there is Pilates which makes the spine more elastic: with age, the intervertebral discs are damaged, losing the ability to cushion the trauma. And there is also yoga which helps to correct bad postures, strengthens all the muscles and develops concentration, coordination and balance. The list also includes stretching, which is important for regaining range of motion and compensating for muscle stiffness caused by age and poor posture. Finally, dancing: it improves psychomotor coordination, strengthens bones and muscles and is fun.



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