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By looking for occult blood in the stool, precancerous lesions can be identified. Thanks to this examination, the incidence of the disease has decreased in our country, an achievement that the pandemic risks compromising. It is mentioned in the Health insert on newsstands for free with Corriere on Thursday March 24

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Colorectal cancer cases in Italy were down, but with more than a million check-ups skipped due to the Covid pandemic, the successes achieved after decades of prevention risk being seriously compromised. Nine out of ten carcinomas, in fact, could be avoided because there is an effective, free (in Italy) and totally painless method to discover and eliminate precancerous lesions before they turn into a real neoplasm: the test for occult blood in the stool.

The exam is offered by the National Health Service to all citizens between the ages of 50 and 70 who receive, every two years, a letter from their ASL with an invitation to go to the nearest pharmacy to collect a small container in which to take a stool sample and then return it and receive the letter with the report at home in a few weeks. The figures show how useful it is to take part in screening – underlines Roberto Persiani, president of EuropaColon Italia Onlus, an association which, during the European month dedicated to the prevention of colorectal cancer, launched an awareness campaign on screening for early diagnosis -: screening reduces mortality was 30% and the number of new cases by 20%. one of the few declining cancers in our country, indeed, because with the faecal occult blood test (Sof) polyps and adenomas are identified and eliminated when they have not yet progressed to carcinoma : they take years, (between 7 and 15, on average) to transform into malignant forms. And the number of patients who survive for a long time is increasing, also thanks to the new therapies available.

The most recent statistics show that that the 5-year survival of Italian patients from diagnosis has increased from 52% in the 1990s to 65% today. A significant improvement, also considering the fact that with nearly 43,700 new cases recorded in 2020, colorectal cancer is the second most common type of cancer in our country and also the second in the little researched ranking of the deadliest. In March and April 2020 for screening examinations, they were suspended (although not homogeneously throughout the national territory) then gradually restarted in May, always with different schedules between the different regions and among the many difficulties caused by Covid has the whole health body.

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