it will serve 14,000 people residing on the banks

“During my first meeting with the mayor, de Pascale told me ‘We have to open Marina’s nursing home’. It was postponed a lot, but after 6 years today we are concluding the program”. With these words, Roberta Mazzoni, director of the Ravenna district of the AUSL of Romagna, inaugurated on Wednesday morning the Casa della Salute del mare in Marina di Ravenna, which completes the programming of the territorial services with the presence of two new health structures which constitute poles of reference for the coastal centers that go from Porto Corsini to Lido di Dante and which will serve a total of around 14,000 people residing on the 12 kilometers of coastline.

The Casa della Salute is a unit of the health district whose management is entrusted to the Department of Primary Care and is the point of delivery of all health, social and socio-health services in favor of the entire population of the area of skill. Within the Casa della Salute, primary care is provided by general practitioners, nurses, obstetricians and medical specialists who work according to integrated multidisciplinary and multiprofessional working methods. The presence of the social staff of the Municipality of Ravenna is foreseen in both places, guaranteeing the integration and active collaboration in the paths of the patients to guarantee the social and socio-health services.

The Casa della Salute pursues the following objectives: to ensure a single point of access for citizens by organizing and coordinating responses to citizens’ needs; ensure continuity of care and strengthen integration with the hospital with regard to protected discharge, integrated management of certain chronic diseases and sharing of recommendations and care protocols for diseases requiring very complex investigations; develop prevention programs aimed at individuals, the community, specific targets, promoting and strengthening citizen participation.

The establishment of the Maisons de Santé – in the future Maisons de la Communauté – responds to the emerging complexity of the health and social assistance needs of the population, in terms of resources, tools, skills and professional relationships. , providing medical and nursing assistance and the implementation of specific health programs for the prevention and treatment of prevalent chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bronchopneumopathies, etc.). The Casa della Salute proposes itself as a place of service provision, but at the same time also as a place of relations with citizens and attention to all dimensions of the life of the person and the community.

In Marina di Ravenna there are three general practitioners with their first clinic: Doctor Paolo Coatti, Doctor Oslavia De Domenico and Doctor Antonio Giulio Zito. De Domenico and Zito also guarantee their presence with a second general medicine clinic in Punta Marina, functionally connected to the Casa della Salute del Mare headquarters in Marina di Ravenna, while other doctors from the primary care unit of the sea collaborate continuity of care at the Lido Adriano site.

The services within the Casa della Salute del Mare in Marina di Ravenna are different: general medicine clinics, nursing clinic for the integrated management of chronic diseases, performance / observation nursing clinic, sampling point, specialized clinics to be implemented in the future. The Municipal Social Service and the Cup have already been present for some time in dedicated spaces, located in the same building coplanar with the spaces dedicated to the Casa della Salute. The following services remain in the Lido Adriano office: General Medicine Clinics, Free Choice Pediatrics, Nursing Clinic for Integrated Chronic Disease Management, Performance/Observation Nursing Clinic, Sampling Point, Family Clinic and Service social.

The next objectives concern the development of the figure of the community and family nurse, the strengthening of basic psychology, the planning of programs aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and the integrated development of specialized courses in the management of chronic diseases.


“I am very satisfied, after so many obstacles that we have overcome, we have managed to do a good thing – commented Paolo Coatti, general practitioner of the Casa della Salute in Marina – Never before have we realized how local medicine is important in recent years”. “There has been an investment from a nursing point of view, we have focused a lot on competence and we are working in synergy to meet the needs before they become important”, added Antonella Cerchierini, head of nursing. , Department of Primary Care and Community Medicine in Ravenna.

“The medicine of the future will be made up of this: first working together, then having a small diagnostic technology in the clinics as well to reduce the number of visits to the emergency room. Digitization is also important thanks to the funds of the PNR. to better communicate with medical specialists and with patients”, explained Stefano Falcinelli, president of the Provincial Order of Physicians-Surgeons and Dentists of Ravenna. “This is another piece of the project for the realization of a system of health that aims for health – said Tiziano Carradori, general manager of Ausl Romagna – We will allocate 15 million planned in the Pnrr for the health system of Ravenna; it will not be enough, more will be needed, not only for infrastructure but for staff, but we are on the right track”. “It is an exciting day, it was one of the first objectives that we had set ourselves – concluded Mayor Michèle de Pascale – A long-awaited opening of a fundamental service for the citizens of the coast. An important garrison of the health district which today is finally opening thanks also to the enthusiasm and availability of the general practitioners who will work here, to the passion and competence of the technical and nursing staff and to a solid alliance with the Associated Social Service of the Municipality of Ravenna. with the territorial council of the sea, which actively participated in the realization of the project. It is a particular desire to invest in territorial medicine, especially in nursing homes”.


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