Italian Equestrian Federation – Blue double in the Junior and Young Rider Nations Cup in Gorla

The international show jumping season for the Italians has started very well.

In the first official match of the season, the CSIO Jeunes de Gorla Minore, the Amazons and the Italian riders deservedly won the victories both in the Junior Nations Cup (six teams at the start) and in the Young Riders (four teams in list).

Under the watchful eye of federal technicians Piero Coata and Giuseppe Forte, and team leader Marco Bergomi, the Italia Junior Team formed by Tobie Lorusso with Conte Ferrari (8/8), Giulia Gatti Bardelli with Clarisse (4/0), Greta Lepratti with Mercy Van’t Ruytershof (0/0) e Martine Ferrari on Aberdeen 34 (4/4), with 12 penalties in total he won Germany (16) with whom he had tied the first round.


Brilliant was Greta Lepratti, who created one of only two clean double courses in the category on Mercy Van’t Ruytershof.

However, Giulia Gatti Bardelli’s error-free run in the second lap was also decisive for the Italian victory.

To complete the podium, third place goes to Switzerland (20) followed by Austria (52), Poland and the Principality of Monaco.

Thick was the race for the Young Rider team who, with four penalties in total, and without having to bring their fourth duo back on the pitch, defeated Poland (16), Switzerland (20) and Germany (24) .

The blue quartet (zero penalties in the first round) showed great competitiveness as confirmed by the performance of the Carabinieres Giacomo Casadei on Let’s Go FZ (0/4), Elena Datti on Mist of the Slaves (0/0), Martine Simoni on Dalvaro 2 (4/0) e Lorenzo Correddu on Ultos (0/np).

As in the Junior Nations Cup, the best blue race for an Amazon. Elena Datti has indeed signed one of the three clear doubles of the competition with her clear Nebbia delle Schiave.

Tomorrow Saturday, the Pony Nations Cup and the Children Cup are on the program. Finally, Sunday will be the turn of the Grand Prix of the four categories of young people.

In addition to those obtained in the Nations Cup, the young Italians signed eight other categories.

On Thursday, the rifleman won the categories at the time of day Giacomo Casadei with Filou van de Kruishoeve Z (cat. of 140 reserved for young riders), the junior Nicolas Perugin with Ghiandaia (cat. of 125), children Daphne Giunti with Dinky Toy from Hof ​​Ten Bos (cat. 125) and, among the ponies, Eva Ballardin with Sibelle des Merles (cat. of 115).

In today’s two-phase categories, however, the junior wins Lorenzo Patrese with Gentleman-H (cat. from 130), and again by Eva Ballardin with Sibelle des Merles (cat. from 115) and by Tommaso Cocco with Aughavannon Chez (cat. of 125) both in ponies.

Finally, the victory of the young rider completed the blue part Antonin Sottile with Montana 674, in the 145 ‘international high’ category contested on the same course as the Nations Cup, where he was the only competitor to clear the obstacles without error.

For the Junior Nations Cup ranking click HERE and HERE for the Young Rider ranking

(In the photos, Team Italia Junior and Young Rider – at the opening – victorious in their respective Nations Cups)


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