Italian Equestrian Sports Federation – Equestrian Sports Schools, many novelties for 2022

The initiative that has generated a lot of interest has been perfected for the current competition season

Given the success of the initiative of the Equestrian sports schoolsFor 2022, the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation, through the Department of Equestrian Sports Schools, has made updates to the entire project aimed at further improving its usability.

Here are the updated documents with the appropriate changes:

  • Rules of Equestrian Sports Schools 2022 HERE
  • 2022 Schools Essay Regulations HERE
  • Presentation of the 2022 Equestrian Sports Schools Project HERE
  • Form to be used for the application for recognition of the title of the Federal Schools of Equestrian Sports HERE
  • Form to be used for the list of names that will carry out the end of course tests with the relative results to be sent to the Department of Equestrian Sports Schools at the email address and to the competent Regional Committee before and after the performance of each sage to have the recognition of the rosette for each athlete HERE
  • Form to be sent well in advance specifying the dates of the trials to be sent to the department of equestrian sports schools, to the email and to the competent regional committee HERE

The last attachment “Federal School of Equestrian Sports Register 2022” must be completed and sent before April 30 to allow the Equestrian Schools Service and the RC to check the activity of the Schools and update the registers.

These are the main changes made

sThree different types of Federal School of Equestrian Sports have been created:

Federal School of Equestrian Sports, which is the base level at which the program is accessible. The mission is to train the students from getting in the saddle to obtaining the Brevet in the different types;

Federal School of Equestrian Sports Olympic Disciplines, which is the title given to the Schools participating in the Essay of Schools. The mission is to train students from the beginning to the realization of Aut. Mount 1st degree Olympic disciplines;

Federal School of Excellence, a title of merit awarded to the school whose pupils obtain particularly significant sporting results. The conditions for obtaining the title remain unchanged with regard to the seniority of affiliation, the structure, the horse park available to the school.

What changes

For the Federal School of Equestrian Sports Education ownership is sufficient as established by the Affiliate Rules.

He becomes Federal School of Equestrian Sports Olympic Disciplines the school that owns the teaching entrusted to a Federal Instructor of the 2nd degree or higher; participates in the Essay of Schools.

In the photo © Fise / Massimo Argenziano: the podium of the Saggio delle Scuole 2021, won by ASD Scerèe


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