Italian Gymnastics Federation – Ferrara – Ukrainian gymnasts begin their training in Orlando Polmonari. Councilor Maggi: “proud of the PGF for this initiative”

This morning at the Pala Orlando Polmonari in Ferrara, the gymnasts of the Ukrainian delegation, welcomed by the PGF of President Franco Mantero, finally reconnected with the gymnastic equipment, returning to train in apparent serenity. The staff of the Este association will welcome the athletes of the Kyiv Olympic Center until the end of June, offering them accommodation as close as possible to a home and a family. Iryna Nadiuk and her boys will thus be able to continue to prepare for the next international meetings, starting with the European Championships in Munich. Illja Kovtun has found his teammates with whom, from the next stage in Naples, he will try to conquer the goal of salvation. The Ferrara Gymnastics Gym, in fact, after a long stay in the cadet series, in its first appearance in A1, became the protagonist not only of a good season but also of a commendable humanitarian initiative. Kitakyushu’s lack of a bronze all-around had been felt on day two in Turin, and with nineteen-year-old champion Matteo Steven and the rest of the Emilian group alongside them, they will have an additional resource on horseback with handles, parallels, bars and rings to conquer the coveted salute. A salvation that, meanwhile, the Ukrainian boys have found in Ferrara after the long pilgrimage between the different places of the World Cup circuit. In the factory of piazzale Atleti Azzurri d’Italia they went to greet the yellow-blue gymnasts, the councilor for sport, Andrea Maggi and the colleague of productive and personal activities of heritage, Angela Travagli representing the mayor Alan Fabbri. The whole team is housed in the Palazzina Giglioli, former headquarters of the Hermitage Foundation on Corso Giovecca, granted to PGF by the provincial administration.

As a municipal administration, I would like to extend sincere, dedicated and non-trivial or rhetorical thanks to Engineer Mantero and the PGF for this initiative – said Councilor Maggi – The Municipality of Ferrara is available and close to all businesses but especially today, on this occasion, we will do everything we can do together with conviction because we believe that this is part of our sense of social responsibility towards not only the territory but the whole world. Sport “.

“Sport is a symbol of solidarity and inclusion, and this project proves it. It’s a joy to be able to see these guys training in an atmosphere of friendship and serenity.” said Councilor Travagli.

“Illja has been our member for a few years – declared number one in the PGF – When war broke out, he and his comrades found it impossible to return to their homeland. After the World Cup in Baku, we offered Iryna to come to Ferrara from April 6 to June 12. Now they have our facility at their disposal – 2,500 square meters with different training environments – inaugurated in 2004.

Some of them have had their parents bombed and their homes destroyed. Let’s try to keep in touch with the families – concluded the technique Iryna Nadiuk – We coaches inform the athletes about the development of the war and try, as much as possible, to keep them focused on the competitions and the equipment. This is our way of resisting: honoring our country on the stage by playing the Ukrainian anthem in all the arenas of the world”.


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