Italy mobilizes: food and medicine collected for Ukraine

After the protests against the war in ukraine which has affected several Italian cities over the past week, the food collection and basic necessities for the Ukrainian population. The city of Rome and its inhabitants are on the front line to help those who, in a few hours, have lost everything. the parishes of the capital have indeed launched an appeal to the Romans: there is a need for food and medicine and Rome responds with a line long number of people who gathered yesterday in front of the designated assembly point, the Ukrainian Church of Hagia Sophia located via Boccea 478. The list of goods to be sent overland to the besieged country includes shelf-stable foodslike, how pasta, tuna, rice, oil, rusks, coffee, snacks, Nutella, jars of preserves, vacuum-packed teas and cheeseswhile, among the drugs they serve Oki, painkillers, ibuprofen, aspirin, bandages, syringes, gel sheets, etc. Part of the goods collected left yesterday morning from the Roman station of Ostiense on a truck bound for Ukraine, or at least, for the border with the country to bring practical aid to the population.

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On the front line, Catholic organizations manage the aid network Sant’Egidio and Caritasbut also many others, among which, Association Salvabebè-Salvamamme who organized an active collection of basic necessities for Ukrainian mothers and their babies Monday February 28 to Wednesday March 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. via Giacomo Raffaelli, (operational headquarters of the association). In terms of solidarity, the Romans do not allow themselves to be talked about from behind: yesterday there was a longer line in front of the Church of Santa Sofia than the one created to access the Vatican Museums. “We went to donate food to the people of Ukraine and I couldn’t believe my eyes, a lot of people like us lined up to help those who need it the most right now. I’m touched, we still have hope. Who can help, the thanks given to us by the boy who bought the groceries, with tears in his eyes, are priceless”. These are the words of a woman who, along with many others, was waiting her turn, online, to lend a hand to a country in great difficulty.

Also after Rome Milano don’t be left behind. On the other hand, the capital Meneghino is home to the largest Ukrainian community from Italy (about 20,000 people). In via Meda 50, in the Church of Saints James and Johna collection of basic necessities has begun: Friday March 4 an aid vehicle will be delivered to the eastern border with Romania to help the group of volunteers Clean Busters. Alongside aid to populations, of course, there is also no shortage of those who are mobilizing to support them. animals in Ukraine: first of all the association opipa – International Organization for the Protection of Animals, which has activated fundraising on its website.

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