“It’s a good start, now commitment on social negotiation

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“A decisive tool, and in continuous evolution, necessary for the Administration to know the macro data of the development of the city, the nature of certain phenomena, the reasons for certain trends” thus defined the mayor of Andria, Giovanna Bruno the Health profile during a meeting that took place a few days ago at the town hall in the presence of the Dg of Asl Bat, Tiziana Di Matteo, during which confirmation was received of the availability of the first epidemiological data updates to the study period to arrive at the drafting of the document on the health of the city.

“We share the path set up by the Municipality, with the coordination function of the Technical-Scientific Committee for the development of the City’s Health Profile, as well as the associations and the ASL who have come together to resume and address a delicate issue that the pandemic phase it has certainly slowed down in terms of protecting health and well-being. All this is to be considered as a good start to give a boost to the way of living in quality and in healthy lifestyle choices,” commented Felice Pelagio, Secretary General Spi Cgil Bat, Ileana Remini, Secretary General Fp Cgil Bat and Michele Valente, Secretary General CGIL Bat.

“Health and well-being improve the state of physical and mental well-being and it is for these reasons that paying attention to the city with a view to reducing inequalities and intervening in people’s lives, in their habits, it is to improve life, the quality of life. In all this, we must also invest in participation in the socio-cultural, economic and civil spheres, but we must also think about sport, nutrition and the different modes of life, thus raising the individual and collective responsibility of the community. And here Cgil, Fp and Spi Bat would like to remind you that assuming the ethics of certain values ​​such as overcoming inequalities and respect for the environment, is put the condition and health of people at the center, starting with the involvement of the entire population and in particular young people on whom we can also intervene through education and school and public information. a city is called the quality of the whole territory starting with the recovery of disadvantaged and degraded areas and this lies in the recovery of greater investments and greater public services in all sectors of health, transport, environment, regeneration of suburbs and landscape protection. “.

“Tackling this issue of great collective interest can also be a concrete opportunity to re-discuss and assess the degree of overall functionality of health and social health services, because this means improving living conditions, in particular to improve conditions of many frail and weak people. subjects, often even isolated, who are precisely the elderly, retired, disabled, not autonomous. Today, more than yesterday – underline Pelagio, Remini and Valente – inequalities have affected precisely the precarious, the elderly, many families both economically and socially for which to improve the conditions of well-being and quality of life means investing above all in resources on economic, income and social needs favoring the relationship with citizens. The commitment is to pay attention to health and welfare policies also through social negotiation with local authorities since they now represent the subjects who, in terms of planning and resources, are also the main beneficiaries for change the life of the many needs and demands”.


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