its reuse is not good for our health

Often, sunflower oil is reused several times to fry food, but it doesn’t seem to get along very well with our health.

Sunflower oil (Pixabay)

I’sunflower oil it has always been used a lot in the kitchen, but this product has come back to the eye in this period. In fact, the war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine also had serious consequences in other countries. Ukraine was one of the biggest oil producers and in recent weeks we have seen two phenomena: rising prices and an attack on supermarkets to get as much oil as possible.

Today, if you go shopping, you can see that for some products, like the one just mentioned but not only, there is a limitation to being able to buy them. In cooking, this oil is mainly used for frying, a quick cooking method and very tasty dishes. The widespread habit, however, is to put it aside and then reuse it several times. But is this a correct practice? It seems not.

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Our health would not like to repeatedly reuse sunflower oil for frying various foods. But let’s see below why this is so and what specifically happens.

Sunflower oil: its reuse is harmful to health

Sunflower oil
Sunflower oil (Pexels)

Sunflower oil is mainly used for home fried potatoes, but also for meatballs, croquettes, some desserts. Everyone may not know that this high temperature product releases harmful substances to our body because it oxidizes in a short time. The fats present in the oil react with oxygen and with the substances of the foods that are fried, creating polymers.

So what is going on in our body? They form more free radicals which oxidize the cells. In this way, the immune system is compromised and the risk of cardiovascular disease is high. In addition, a substance forms on contact with food called acrylamide. It is a chemical that is definitely not good for our health.

That said, things get worse if the oil is reused multiple times. First of all, people often do not filter it, so there are small residues from previous frying and there is the presence of acrylamide, a toxic substance. It also makes the food you fry look and taste worse. But is there a solution to this? Sure.

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You can replace sunflower oil with olive oil, which is much healthier. Or, keep sunflower oil below 180 degrees to avoid everything we said earlier. You will find that it is a bit difficult if you want to fry.

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