It’s the quick workout for weight loss, plus an at-home circuit for burning abdominal fat, toning thighs, and increasing glutes.

When we decide to start doing a bit of movement, it’s almost always because we see ourselves with a few rolls too many.

Together with the diet, to give an extra shock to our body, but also to the metabolism, sport would be ideal.

This way, not only could we see the weight on the scale go down, but we would see an overall recovery of all those flabby parts for a while.

However, to obtain these results it would first require consistency, accompanied by a good dose of will and determination.

Many might therefore think that it would also take a lot of available time but, as we will find out in today’s article, this is not a prerequisite.

It’s the quick workout for weight loss that’s more effective than a home circuit for burning abdominal fat, firming thighs and increasing buttocks.

For those whose minutes are counted but wish to obtain satisfying results, there would be a workout to insert between one commitment and another, at lunchtime or at the end of working hours.

Another good news, then, is that it could easily be done at home, even without tools, and in business as an added incentive.

We talk about Amrap which literally means “as many turns as possible”, that is to say more possible turns in a predetermined period of time.

A round is a set of exercises, each of which must be repeated a certain number of times, successively and without a break.

As soon as we complete the round, we must immediately start again until the time is up.

Amrap is therefore part of the Hiit method, fast and intense, and it is fast training to lose weight but not only.

Indeed, it would also allow to:

  • sculpt the body;
  • stimulates our sleeping strength;
  • burn a lot of calories;
  • increase stamina;
  • reduce stress.

An Amrap circuit

To carry out this circuit we will only need 10 minutes of time, 20 if we wanted to repeat it twice with a break of 1 minute and a half.

However, the suggestion would be to engage in this feat only when we are more trained.

Our round includes a series of exercises that would allow us to achieve 3 objectives:

  • flat stomach and thin waist;
  • toned thighs and firm inner thighs;
  • high, shapely and voluminous buttocks.

So all we have to do is start the timer and go to the last second with:

  • 15 abdominal crutch with legs up;
  • 8 sit-ups with locked feet;
  • 15 jumps with straight leg, first right then left, lying on the side and with elastic at the ankles;
  • 10 back jumps on all fours, extending the leg up, first to the right and then to the left;
  • 15 Buttock Bridge Lying on your back with both feet on the floor.


The training that is becoming popular on social media and that everyone wants to try is done with this particular object

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