Jeddah, attack on an oil factory not far from the F1 circuit. THE NEWS

Shortly before the end of the first free trials in Jeddah, a column of smoke rose towards the sky: the first reconstructions speak of an attack by Shiite rebels from Yemen against an oil factory in Aramco. A loud explosion was heard and a fire broke out. Summit between Formula 1 and the competent authorities, which confirmed free practice 2: at 20 new Italian interview


Moments of great tension a Jeddahwhere Formula 1 is taking place this weekend. Shortly before the end of the first free practice of the Saudi Arabia GP, in fact, a column of smoke rise to heaven: the first reconstructions speak of a attack to hit Aramco oil facilities, global partner since 2020, with trackside brands and main sponsor of the United States Grand Prix and, from this year, Aston Martin. She felt strong the explosion was said to have been caused by a rocket launched by the rebels and burst a Fire. It happened a little more 20 kilometers of the circuit.

Military planes above the city, F1 awaits directions

Military planes took off over the city. On social networks the first impressive videos about the incident, but some reconstructions of the incident are still awaited. Formula 1 was waiting indications speak competent authorities and after a meeting the second free practice session took place regularly. Mid-Friday meeting canceledanother meeting is scheduled for the evening in Jeddah, at which the pilots will also be present.

The map: the distance between the affected facility and the Jeddah circuit

This is not the first episode, but who are the perpetrators of the attack?

They had already happened in the last few days analogs of eposodi. The perpetrators of the attacks were Shia rebels from Yementhe Houti, which in recent weeks had launched drones and rockets towards Saudi Arabia. Attacks intercepted by local military defense forces.

The Saudi Arabia-Yemen conflict: history

The war in Yemen lasts from seven years: started in March 2015see opposite on one side the Huthi rebels, supported by Iran and controlling the capital Sanaa, on the other the loyalist forces supported by Saudi Arabia and led by President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. On Sunday, the battle landed in Saudi Arabia, hit by a dense ballistic missile launch and an attack carried out with at least four drones, which were later destroyed by local forces. Among these is the Jizan region, in which Jeddah is located.

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