Jeremias Rodriguez “You will be the last!” declares war on Carmen Di Pietro for food / It’s a controversy!

Jeremias Rodriguez and the hatred of Carmen and Alessandro

More and more furious against the couple formed by Carmen DiPietro And Alessandro Iannoniaccused of being extremely selfish and even useless, Jeremy Rodriguez during the fourth episode ofIsland of the Famous 2022, undressed for a moment the clothes of a polemicist. His outbursts, as well as threats to quit the reality show due to unclear acting dynamics, voiced in the previous episode, were brushed aside by the intervention of his beautiful girlfriend, Deborah Togni present in the studio and in connection with the Palapa. Moments of palpable emotion involved the entire audience. Jeremias, very happy and in love, spared neither praise nor declarations of love for his companion. Deborah, for her part, has done everything to instill Jeremias’ determination and desire to continue, fully succeeding, at least for now.

However, the episode was certainly not rosy and flowery: the hatred of all the castaways and in particular of Jeremias Rodriguez towards the couple composed of Carmen di Pietro and his son Alessandro held up to arouse the indignation of the columnist in charge, Vladimir Luxurie faced with the lapidary judgments of Belen’s brother. Vladimir blasted the Argentinian influencer outright, pointing out that people will decide who stays on the island, certainly not him. Despite this, Vladimir felt he could make clear his appreciation for the direct and clear way the boy handles relationships on the island unlike many of the quieter, more strategic ones.

Jeremias Rodriguez and his father Gustavo on televoting, are we at risk of being eliminated from the Island of the Famous?

Of Jeremy Rodriguez domestic audiences begin to experience multiple facets: the affectionate side, the responsible and generous side, the polemical and impetuous character and also their most hidden inner world, which emerged in the latest episode of Île des Célèbres thanks to the intervention of Deborah Togni, his companion for two years now.

What is certain is that the young Rodríguez is not at all afraid to open up and show his weaknesses, that this will prove to be his winning weapon and will help him win the favor of Internet users? So far, unfortunately for him, it doesn’t seem to be a favorite. In the meantime, he will have to take care of his father Gustavthe next televote, competing in nomination against Lory Del Santo And Marco Cucolo and against the couple formed by Blind And Roberta Morise. Who will win?

Clash over food: it’s warIsland of the Famous 2022 between Jeremias Rodriguez and Carmen Di Pietro

On the eve of the new episode of The Island, produced in prime time by Ilary Blasi, Jeremy Rodriguez had new moments of tension on Playa Accoppiada and once again it’s over in the viewfinder Carmen Di rock: “Always do the same thing, you broke up, you’re selfish!”. Di Pietro, meanwhile, accused rapper Blind of stealing two pieces of coconut setting the tone for a feud that also involved his son Alessandro who clearly sided with his mother.

The last fight was about the “line” to follow to take a piece of coconut: Jeremias would have decided the order and referring to Carmen decreed: “You take it after all of us. First us and finally you. Now we all eat and then it’s your turn”. According to him, he would have thought of the well-being of the group by arguing: “Everyone thinks like me, that you will be the last!”. Food-related issues inevitably predominate on the island, and even the umpteenth discussion could play to the detriment of the boy.


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