Journey into the world of Subbuteo, amateur game and championships of a sport that also attracts young people (Photo) –

Fingertip football or table football: we are talking about Subbuteo. Both for lovers and agonists. A few small indications before entering the world of Genoese and Ligurian players.

A patrol of fans of this timeless game that goes beyond the appeal of technology and online games. An activity with a reference Federation for national tournaments, championships and international meetings where Italy ranks fourth after England, Belgium and Australia.

The style of play can be of two types: “traditional”, says Old, which first appeared in the 70s while its competitive evolution is defined as “table football”, dates back to the end of the 90s, and during a ten years has made a great leap forward in terms of both visibility and appointments.

Be careful to think that this is a suitable, fun and exciting game only for the “aged” or those who are far from youth and adolescence. There is a very young sector, even in Genoa, which sees children from primary and secondary schools on the field: about forty in all and some of them currently occupy the first places in the Italian ranking. In addition, in some Ligurian clubs there are introductory courses in this playful practice that can become advanced or even competitive. A niche, that of Subbuteo, very active and aggregated that contains the culture and history of this sport that reaches very high peaks in sportsmanship, in respect for the referee, in the attention to the rules and in the aspect mental. A game of Subbuteo is similar to a game of chess where each movement implies a different reaction each time, as lovers of this sport claim. And here is an overview of the testimonials.

Enrico Frison, Regional Delegate of the Italian Table Football Federation and number two in the Italian ranking, gives a concise image of this fascinating reality that has about two hundred lovers of the genre in the region. “The increase in this world has been in the aspect of publicity and visibility since there is also a television channel which allows you to follow the championship races from home. At national level in Liguria, thanks to Luca Bignardiwe have a number of very good players playing in the Italian leagues with the Genoa Rebels. There are two souls of this game: the first are fans and the second agonists are amateurs. Everyone decides how to approach this game in order to have fun“.

In Marassi, via Fea at number 73, we find the headquarters of the Subbuteo Banda Bassotti which has about thirty members:We celebrate ten years of activity – said its president Simone Buzzowith a tournament, April 24, with seventy subscribers. A game that despite the passage of the years still has its charm without forgetting that of collecting“.

Towards the center of Genoa, in Carignano, however, we discover the Club Rebels Subbuteo Academy where the president Luca Bignardi has a good number of young players (fewer) among the top of the Italian ranking. Samuele Bignardihis son, is first in the under-12 ranking and also in the top ten Alberto Capoferri And Tommaso Sani. Without forgetting the fourteen years Ricardo Berioli. In short, a nice patrol of baby players. The boys meet on Saturday afternoon in Carigano at the Lupetti headquarters in Villa Glori 8.

Marco Reggiardo, another representative of the traditional and playful Subbuteo, in this Sestri Ponente. the Superb Sestri Ponente was born in 2006 and is located in via Case Libertas, hosted by the parish premises. “Our appointment is Monday evening and we are ten lovers of this reality. We come together not only to play the leagues but also for events with other clubs scattered around Genoa and Liguria. We are currently completing a triptych of thematic events on South American football: we started with Argentine football, then we moved on to Brazilian football and we will end with Uruguay. Sixty players in total, of which the best twenty-four will enter the Master. In our evenings marked by matches there is also a nice friendly part“.

In the circle of Santa Subbuteo / Tigullioborn in 2018 and since this year affiliated with the Old Soul, a handful of players who recently also tried to paint players as the president explained to us Simone Vernazza: “Just go to the Old Subbuteo forum to get a lot of information for those who love this hobby and want to start practicing it“.

A passionate president who, together with seven other people from the Riviera di Levante club, has to his credit six finals of as many national tournaments of which fifty percent won.

Let’s jump to the other side of the Riviera: to the city of the Italian Song Festival.

Carlo Alessiquickly expose the Subbuteo Master Sanremo (born as Calcio Table Imperia in 2006 and became Sanremo in 2007) explaining that “Many of us play Subbuteo but few in Liguria are part of the Federation championships. We at the level of the members of the Sanremo Club we are a dozen and a half all from the City of Flowers. We participate in the Federation championships with two teams: with the first in Serie A (with 14 teams including Roma, Reggio Emilia, Napoli and Lazio, Stella Artois Milan, Rieti, Catania) we are fifth last and we try to save ourselves while in Serie C, with the second team, we are first in the standings with the possibility of being promoted to B.“.

Last, but not least, theValponte Sports Union 1986: “It is an amateur association of Campomorone – said its president Andrea Barabinowho for two years has invested in Subbuteo first with a club in the region, in Campomorone, then saw the team merge with Valponte. We are mainly an amateur club but we also have a competitive team which makes it clear“.

In the team there is also a founder and veteran: Fabio Nardulliwell known in the Val Brevenna, ante litteram lover of traditional Subbuteo: “I started when I was a teenager, then I stopped and resumed when I was over thirty. Now that I’m over forty, the passion is still high“.

The dream of the Unione Sportiva Valponte club is that of have a seat entirely dedicated to Subbuteo and, in the meantime, do not be discouraged in the activities. In May, in fact, they will start courses for beginners from the age of nine and at the advanced level for those who already have the first rudiments.

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