just left for Europe, alarm, Draghi’s words

For some time there has been constant talk of the hypothesis of food rationing in the supermarket and unfortunately this terrible hypothesis is becoming reality.

Inflation and the war in ukraine strained global food supplies.

There are many food raw materials in short supply because the war and the severe sanctions against Russia have interrupted the production and supply chains of many foods.

An alert that also concerns Italy

This is a hugely problematic situation and experts have long maintained that rationing will begin soon. Let’s see what is happening in Spain. The Spanish government has legally authorized supermarket chains ration food. So if a Spanish supermarket chain starts to run out of food, it can actually ration it for its customers. Unfortunately, the Spanish and Italian situations are not very different. Food reserves in both Spain and Italy are running out quickly.

Food rationing in Spain

Therefore, just as the Spanish government legally allowed those selling food to ration themselves, the same could soon happen to us too. Currently the Spanish supermarkets they are not obliged to ration food but simply have the power.

This is something truly exceptional and unprecedented in recent history. But the problem is that if stocks continue to fall and unfortunately the outlook is just this: the government will be able not only to allow but also to oblige supermarket chains to ration their food. At that time, the Spaniards could no longer buy the food they want but would have to do so with a quota and, so to speak, with a dropper.

The decisions of the Italian government

As we have said, the situation in Spain and in our country is not substantially different and therefore it is important to understand how the Italian government on this front. In a recent press conference, Prime Minister Mario Draghi actually said that Italians must prepare for the possibility of rationing. Draghi presented it as an eventuality, but a concrete eventuality to be prepared for now. For now, the Italian government in no way commented on the choice of the Spanish government, but there is the concrete possibility that Italy and other countries will also follow in Spain’s footsteps and that in Italy too supermarkets will start rationing food.

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