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Già due volte in stagione il tecnico ha spostato il brasiliano davanti alla difesa, preferendolo in entrambi i casi alla possibility di mettere in mezzo Rabiot: un’intuizione vista un anno fa già con Pirlo per declinare le caratteristiche dell’ex Porto nella zona nevralgica del field

If the possibility is explored, it will be a decision in the last hours, but in any case the question will come up again on Wednesday in the return match of the Coppa Italia, when Juventus’ squad in midfield will be the most the same: have you need a midfielder? Danilo says present. Sending the midfielder to Juventus in a hurry was the right ankle injury which a few days ago also deprived Allegri of Arthur, as well as McKennie and Locatelli. Thus, in the reality of the elimination that the department has become, there are only two left: Denis Zakaria, who in turn returned only a few weeks ago, and Adrien Rabiot, forced to work more internally than as Allegri sees it, and in which he used only once, ten days ago with Inter. Moreover, even with the promising 18-year-old Miretti stopped in the pits, the midfield solutions stop here. And then there is Danilo.


Andrea Pirlo tried him in midfield in March and from there with him he happened to see Danilo four times in front of the defense, plus three just with Rabiot in a median of two. Counting on the fact that the Brazilian brings his sense of position, his defensive instinct to protect the rear guard towards another area of ​​the pitch, but also that vision of the game and that polished foot often underestimated when playing in the wing, too, because they leave no trace in the numbers except rarely as with Vlahovic’s assist at Vila-Real.


Massimiliano Allegri returned to this solution out of necessity, and with profit. Against Empoli in the second championship because Locatelli was not yet ready to start and Ramsey, who had been installed in the center in front of the defense which awaited him, was injured in the pits: Danilo moved that day from the center between Bentancur and Rabiot. And then against Salernitana before the break at the end of March, then even in an emergency due to the simultaneous absence of Locatelli, Zakaria and McKennie: with the bells Danilo played in the middle between Arthur on the right and Rabiot on the left. Either way, Allegri could have added a full-back and moved Rabiot into the middle, but he preferred to move Danilo in front of the defence. Each match has a different game plan, but the precedents are indicative. And the use of the Brazilian in the midfield would make it possible to re-propose this 4-3-3 already seen in the first leg in Bologna.


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