Juve-Inter, Allegri specialist in winning sprints

Five championships for Juve, two mocking Napoli de Sarri: in the last rounds he succeeded and expanded his advantages. But now we need more

Finishing was never a problem, at most the problems came at the start, like a distracted sprinter. Massimiliano Allegri lost the last Scudetto sprint a decade ago when he was in Milan against Juve de Conte, with all the ifs and buts popping up at Milanello remembering the goal not allowed at Muntari. Since then, he either didn’t fight for the title (the next two years with Milan) or he won it. Five triumphs: out of two at this stage of the season he already had sidereal shortcomings, in one he succeeded and extended a certain advantage (six points), in two others he went into a sprint, with Sarri’s Napoli. This year, the story is different, when there are eight games left, there are seven points behind and three teams ahead. According to him, there is not even a real race: Juve according to Max has no chance, according to his “mathematical” tables. To hear everyone, the next day is the key day: by winning you stay in the race by scaring yourself a little more than before, with any other result it’s “game over”.

The return

This is the most difficult sprint for Mr. “short-snouted”: the expression “joyful” has been transferred from horse racing to football precisely to describe the long duration of a championship, it is only recently that the image has been extended to wins with only one goal difference in individual matches. The biggest similarities, of course, are with the 2015-16 season, Allegri’s second in Turin, if only for the “false” start at the start of the season. Then he had 12 points after 10 days (14th place), but the post-fall tackle with Sassuolo was more resolute and immediate: 24 wins in 25 races followed, already on the 25th day the goal of Zaza in match directly against Napoli sanctioned an overtaking. who would have no replicas. In the 30th the points advantage was 3, in the 35th with the victory in Florence (decisive goal by Morata, penalty saved by Buffon) the bianconeri were in a position to celebrate in front of the television the next day, with the fall of Naples in Rome.

Against Inter

The centrality of the challenge with Inter is rather reminiscent of Allegri’s other winning sprint, that of 2017-18: so he came at this point in the season 4 points ahead of Napoli, who were then reduced to one after the direct shock of the 34th day, victory of the Azzurri at the Stadium with a goal from Koulibaly. By then the inertia of the tournament had changed, Sarri’s band saw the strong overrun even of a better schedule. In the next round, Juve went to Inter: 3 minutes from the end, they lost 2-1, then Cuadrado and Higuain overturned everything. Naples also collapsed morally, the next day they lost 3-0 in Florence, the fourth title came in the 37th.

The tables

In other years, Max limited himself to managing, following the tables: in the thirtieth, he was 12 points ahead of Lazio in 2014-15, 6 over Roma two years later, even 18 over Napoli in of his last season in Turin before the Biennale “break”. He therefore won with five days in advance and this is the only season, with a full stomach, where he has fallen below 17 points in the last 8 days. This time, we need more: 24 (all) may not be enough to put the “nose” in front of the finish line.


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