Juve, Morata: ‘Barcelona? That’s why I didn’t go ‘

Juve striker explains what happened in January: “I could go to Barcelona. Allegri told me that another striker was coming and I would play behind him, so he closed all the doors. The future? It doesn’t just depend on me. I still have a contract with Atletico Madrid and I’m doing well in both Italy and Spain. My desire is to play in the World Cup in Qatar, especially after the European Championship which still remains an open wound. If we had beaten Italy, we would have become samples “

Alvaro Morata is playing its fourth season at Juventusthe second consecutive after the two-year period between 2014 and 2016. This year, he finds Massimiliano Joyful who, since the arrival of Dusan Vlahovic, uses it in the outermost position or immediately behind the Serb. However, in January there was also the opportunity for the Spaniard to return to La Liga: “There was talk of the possibility of go to barcelona – Morata himself told Men’s Health – There were several options and I spoke to Allegri, because things were happening that I had already experienced in other teams. I am not an attacker suited to the physical game, I need space to run. Allegri told me that another striker was coming and that I would play the second striker behind him at that time. all the doors are closed. It is true that there were chances to leave, but after this conversation the coach told me that he would not allow it.”

“Future? I’m fine in Italy and Spain, but it doesn’t depend on me”


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Morata is loaned until June to Juventus, who will have to decide whether to buy him back or not of Atletico Madrid. The Spaniard, on his future, adds: “It doesn’t really depend on me, in the end I’m a professional and I still have a contract with Atletico Madrid. I don’t know what will happen in the future, I always said that I am happy in Italy and Spain. I feel very good in Turin too, the Italian way of life is very similar to that of the Spaniards. It took a short period of adaptation to feel at home, even the children are happy when they return to Spain. Before arriving in Turin, I did not expect there to be such similar habits between the two countries”.

“I dream of the World Cup. The European Championship is still a pain”


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Beyond the club he will play for, Morata has a clear objective for next season: play the World Cup in Qatar. “Certainly, the dreams of a boy who starts playing football are to win the Champions League and play a world championship with his national team. This is the desire that we all have, above all. after the last European. All of Spain believed in us, I’m sure if we had beaten Italy, we would have become champions. It’s always an injury. I often say it, but no one believes me: if I win something with Spain, the next day I will go home”, concludes Morata.


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