Juve, Ramsey reborn between Rangers and Wales

Two goals in two matches for the Welsh loanee, who finds more continuity than lately with Juventus. But in Turin there are no regrets, on the contrary: a brilliant end can chase away the hypothesis of a return

Barely recovered Denis Zakaria after a month out, but now lost Manuel Locatelli in the revolving doors of midfield, and with no certainty of a possible Weston McKennie return before the end of the season, Juventus would serve as a looks like someone in midfield, where he has the numbered men: at the moment only Zakaria, Arthur and Rabiot are available, which in a 4-3-3 scenario means having no spares, and to find someone else, you have to ask Danilo or Bernardeschi to adapt to the role of the election. But there is one that Juve continues to pay, or rather to be more precise to participate in the commitment, to play elsewhere: Aaron Ramsey, today at Glasgow Rangers.


The Welshman has returned from two consecutive games in the Scottish Premiership, and that is already worth a mention. But above all by two goals in two games, against Dundee (won) and against Celtic Glasgow in the Old Firm at the top of the championship (lost). At Juve he was zero this season, more precisely he was zero since the first return of last season, January 2021. The best of his two and a half years at Juventus had perhaps been with Sarri before confinement, with Pirlo he had had some interesting days as a setter, but the continuous saves had now made him a player on whom there is no certainty of being able to count, even after Allegri’s summer experience of use him as a playmaker in front of the defence.


Having ruined the experience of Juventus due to an exhausting physical fragility, especially muscular, which had also led him to have flaws in the known training systems in Turin, Ramsey continues not to play much even in Scotland. : Four out of nine league games so far: A month ago he made headlines for paying out of pocket to treat a calf problem that prevented him from moving. Yet the 323 minutes in seven games (in all competitions) played for Rangers in those two months already far exceeds the 112 minutes in 5 appearances in five months at Juve this season. Still, far from 421 minutes in five games played for Wales from October until today (out of six played by the national team during the period), which would not make him pass for a player with these inaccessible physical problems.


As mentioned, the Lady continues to pay for it to a limited extent, and given the starvation of men, she would definitely need it. But his three years with the bianconeri actually leave no regrets about the choice to have found him accommodation to end the season. Indeed, the Continassa encourages it: from a personal point of view, but also as a showcase because there is a redemption fee set at 6 million for the Rangers. If left unexecuted, Ramsey would have one more year of contract with Juventus at space figures (7 million base, with handsome bonuses attached) and thinking of returning to take charge of him in the summer would be a nightmare. that we hoped to have left behind.


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