Juve target Cagliari: aim is to find Vlahovic’s goals

Special training sessions at Continassa for the Serbian striker who has averaged 0.5 goals per game since playing for Juventus, less than he had with Fiorentina. For him and for the other Juventus strikers, an intense testing section on his teammates’ crosses, all under the careful guidance of Massimiliano Allegri

Juventus prepare for the first leg in Cagliari. Delicate match because after the defeat against Inter fourth place defense in the classification that the next Champions League is worth passes from a championship final without more errors. The calendar seems to be on the side of the bianconeri but the match in Sardinia, against a team that has just lost 5 consecutive defeats, is not to be missed. In Sardinia, however, Juventus forwards often went wild. In the more distant past, it happened to Higuain, last year it was Ronaldo who scored a hat-trick. Allegri now awaits Dusan Vlahovic numbers who often played well with Fiorentina in Cagliari

Merry: “Dusan, these are for you!”

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This morning Allegri worked a lot on the conclusions on the purpose of the centers: “Thesis and Precise” the coach’s appeal to those who went deep to put the balls in the middle that the attackers had to hit on the fly. A way to take advantage of the head and overwhelming physical power of Vlahovic who has scored 5 goals since joining Juventus, including 4 in Serie A in 8 appearances. An average of 0.5 per attendance, not bad. Corn certainly less than 17 goals in 21 appearances with the shirt of Fiorentina. So Allegri is looking for new ways to facilitate the center forward and at the same time create more opportunities by exploiting the flanks. Juventus are actually the fourth worst team in Serie A when it comes to crosses, 301 with 164 useful crossings. Not much for those with attacking outside players like Cuadrado and Alex Sandroeven if the Brazilian has dropped in performance in the last two seasons.

Cagliari at heart

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Last year Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in Cagliari in 32 minutes, exactly like in the first leg with a lot of controversial gesture after the third goal, in reference to the hypothesis of a possible farewell to Juventus which was beginning to be mentioned at the time. A scenario that became reality a few months later. Today 7 is on the shoulders of Vlahovic linked to the island by a sweet memorydespite losing 5-2, because he scored his first goals in Serie A with Fiorentina: beautiful the second with a return movement for a cornering shot at the far post. Saturday there will be no suspension of Morata and it will be the turn of the couple Vlahovic – Dybala score goals to lock the Champions League area. Maybe on a Cuadrado crossas proven in training.


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