Juventus-Inter: Inzaghi can only win in Turin

From the Supercup to 3rd place: three months of nightmare for Inter. No away success in the second round: but Brozovic and De Vrij come back against the bianconeri

Look to the past to look to the future with optimism. The national team’s truce this time came at the right time: since the last one, the one before the derby at the end of January, Inter is no longer Inter and Simone Inzaghi has lost her certainties. For months his work has delighted opponents and critics, for months his players seem to play a league of their own. Possession of enveloping and crushing ball, occupation of space, opportunities for repetitions and avalanches of goals. Suddenly, however, this infernal machine crashed, as if the engine had melted. In Appiano’s workshop, Simone and her staff tried in vain to try to revive the team, but after the comeback suffered against Milan, with Inter dominating for 70 ‘and then losing in sensational fashion, something happened. is broken in the head and in the legs of the players. . As if this passage in a few minutes from the virtual plus 10 (given the resumption of play with Bologna) it would have almost frozen the speech of the scudetto at plus 1 (with one race less) at the end of the match. A terrible blow from which Inter never recovered.

The previous ones…

However, there is history to say that everything is still open, provided – of course – to win against Juve. A complicated undertaking, which Inter did not even succeed in the Conte era. However, it was success against Juve at the San Siro that convinced Inter de Conte to believe in the Scudetto. Inzaghi wants to build on this precedent to free the heads of his team from the fear of a “failure” that few could foresee at the end of the first round. And Simone knows how to do it: he achieved the feat with his Lazio in 2017, overthrowing Allegri at home with a double from Immobile. A surprising but well-deserved success, which gave Simone the conviction that he could aspire to a career as a high-level coach, building on the victory in the 2017 Super Cup, again against Max and Juve. From that day on, indeed, Inzaghi became Allegri’s post name whenever Max seemed close to parting ways. And to think that last summer the paths of the two crossed again: Allegri was to be the post of Conte, then he chose Juve, opening the doors of Appiano to Simone.


In three months, everything changed. Since the Super Cup success, which seemed like the start of a new season of Inter triumphs, level with Fiorentina, which saw Inter slip to third place, Inzaghi has lived on a roller coaster and n never won away. . But Sunday Simone was finally able to find all her very titular players: covers of De Vrij and Brozovic, fundamental to give meaning and rhythm to the maneuver, in Lautaro, restored by the Covid. Inzaghi will rely on his certainties, trying to find clarity and dynamism in the median. Skriniar, for example, seems to be one of the few with the qualities to stick with Vlahovic and limit him: so far few have succeeded in Serie A, but the Slovak is certainly among the most uncomfortable clients for someone like the Serbian. Simone wants to lock the door, but also to restore panache and clarity to the maneuver: with Brozo everything is possible, and with De Vrij behind him they multiply the weapons to surprise, being able to aim for the long throw. Of course, then you have to throw it away and in that case Simone can’t do much, although as a former neighborhood robber he certainly has an ace up his sleeve. It is sure, it is a race without appeal. Inzaghi wins or can say goodbye to scudetto dreams.


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