Komen and Mater Olbia together again for women’s health

Free tours and initiatives for women’s health in the Komen and Mater Olbia project.

The collaboration between the Komen Italia and Mater Olbia Hospital which in 2021 gave life to the pilot project “Mater & Komen – Six months in pink” which, in a very concrete way, has brought health, prevention and treatment opportunities in the center – north of Sardinia, involving 35 municipalities and realization of 7 open days of prevention at the Mater Olbia Hospital with the offer of free visits and examinations to women in the regions of Anglona, ​​Gallura, Nurra, Barbagia di Nuovo, Meilogu and Marghine, 2 stages of the Caravan of Prevention in the municipalities of Alghero and Bitti, 10 events outreach and fundraising to the region, including which walk in pinksporting events and flash mobs, in the municipalities of Aggius, Bonorva, Bitti, Oliena, Buddusò, Luogosanto, Tempio, Calangianus, Monti, Sassari, Olbia and Burgos.

The high social value of the project and the unanimous appreciation received convinced Mater Olbia Hospital and Komen Italia to join forces again in 2022 to carry out a new project entitled “Mater & Komen 8 months in Rosa in Sardinia” promote health, prevention and treatment in the center – north of the Region. The project, yes will take place from March to October 2022, foresees the organization from April at the Mater Olbia Hospital of days dedicated to the prevention of women in the municipalities of central – northern Sardinia.

In each appointment will be made at Mater Olbia Hospital 60 free preventive services: mammograms for women over 40, ultrasounds for women over 30 and visits for women under 30. The initiative is aimed specifically at women who pay less attention to their health and who are at risk due to their age or family. Each identified municipality will independently select the women to whom prevention will be offered.

Every month, on the occasion of the days dedicated to visits, thanks to the help of institutions, volunteers and associations active in the territory, breast cancer awareness and fundraising events will be organized, taking inspiration from some initiatives already underway in Sardinia, such as the traditional “Passeggiata in Rosa” of Bonorva, which is in its 4th edition. Among the activities planned for 2022, there will also be a return to the island from March 22 to 25. Komen Italia Prevention CaravanNational Traveling Program for the Promotion of Women’s Health.

Thanks to the 2021 fundraising with the “Mater & Komen – 6 months in Rosa” project, Komen Italia has decided to further strengthen activities to counter the slowdown in prevention measures and attention to women’s health by providing Sardinia 4 mobile units equipped with the latest generation diagnostic equipment thus carrying out a concrete prevention activity in the municipalities of Buddusò, Bonorva, Calangianus and Luogosanto.

Thanks to the sensitivity that the governance of the Mater Olbia Hospital addresses to the territory of Sardinia, this year the Komen Italia prevention caravan it will be fully taken care of by the medical staff of the Mater Olbia Hospital and will cross the region from north to south with the offer of services in the territory dedicated above all to women who, also for socio-economic and logistical reasons, cannot take care of themselves.

During each stage of the caravan, they will be carried out breast exams and mammograms for women not included in the screening lists from the Sardinia region; gynecological visits and transvaginal ultrasounds and foot reflexology treatments. The stages of Buddusò and Bonorva are also carried out thanks to the contribution of Fasda, Unisalute and De Vizia Transfer.

An important aspect on which the project “Mater & Komen – 8 months in Rosa in Sardinia” wants to highlight are the education appointment – scientific information in schools with the “prevention begins in the classroom” project and physical, emotional and cognitive empowerment activities to support women in pink who have gone through or are facing the care pathway. In addition, also this year, the Mater Olbia Hospital will virtually organize the Race for the Cure 2022 with the “Mater Olbia for Komen” team.

“We are happy that even in Sardinia thanks to new project of valuable collaboration with the MOH it is possible to implement and offer prevention initiatives to women in a period when attention is focused on other health problems,” says Professor Daniela Terrible, Vice President of Komen Italia.

“The the strong reinforcement this year of the Mater & Komen project, reaffirms the desire to develop concrete responses at a time that remains critical for the provision of care. We are convinced that consistent results can only be achieved with a capillary impregnation of prevention activities in the region, providing health opportunities and helping to raise awareness”, says Professor Giorgia Garganese, Director of the Gynecology and of senology of Mater Olbia Hospital.

“The human commitment necessary to carry out this project is not insignificant, especially after months of continuous load due to the Covid emergency and the general compromise of the health situation in Sardinia. And it is the latter that there is it motivates us and pushes us to devote our free time to care and service for this place that has become our second home,” says Dr. Pierluigi Rinaldi, Director of the Radiology Operating Unit at Mater Olbia Hospital.

On the website komen.it and on materolbia.com it will be possible consult the calendar of the various initiatives prevention and animation of the program “Mater & Komen – 8 months in Rosa”. At all scheduled appointments, it will be possible to donate 10 euros to receive the shirt dedicated to the initiative which will be donated to the projects of Komen Italia and Mater Olbia Hospital for the fight against cancer of the breast in the region of Sardinia.

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