PINETO – On the occasion of its sixth anniversary, after a break of a few days to allow for changes, the blog is back online The Edda table with a completely renewed look.

« Edda’s table, my table, my flavors… the place to sit down for a quick lunch, a refreshing dinner or lunch with the people who are dear to me. A physical and mental, metaphorical and real place where a little magic happens every day: that of transforming the ingredients into a dish that we meet in all respects to my taste”, explained the journalist Edda Best. “But this blog is also much more and speaks deeply about me: over the years I have dealt with various issues and arguments, supported causes, emphasized sustainability with recycling recipes, promoted the territory to through the rediscovery of forgotten tastes, I have promoted knowledge of traditions and rituals, nourished the beauty of the suggestions that I like and of a session dedicated to good tone”.

Today the blog is back online with many additional content and especially with many categories of dishes. And then place the traditions and rituals related to food, but also the many events organized by Edda Miglior and the causes she supports and on which she wants to continue to raise awareness.

“During these six years there has been a constant and widespread growth of the blog practically all over the world with views of states from all continents and all of this has gratified me and made me very proud and I take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported me. For this sixth anniversary, I wanted to return the affection and loyalty of those who follow Edda’s Table offering a more efficient and varied service, making it easier to find the recipes you prefer and many different atmospheres. I have also created many categories with special attention to vegetarian and anti-waste dishes. My intention is to continue to create quality content that makes this site not only a food blog but a social food blog with a broad, careful and inclusive nature as it has always been,” concluded Edda Miglior.

You can follow the blog at the web address www.latavoladiedda.it but also on social networks via the hashtag #latavoladiedda. For more information 349-5582985.

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