let’s do these exercises before we start and we won’t hurt ourselves

Training: Do you experience muscle soreness every time you exercise? Don’t worry, from today you will have no more hassles.

We all know what it is it is essential to eat healthy and stay in shape, however, often when we train we tend to do the wrong movements, this can cause a series of muscle pains. For this reason we are going to reveal to you today some exercises to do before start your workoutonly this way you won’t be hurt anymore.

Training: here are the exercises to do to avoid muscle pain

Keep in shape by practicing a sport is essential for the well-being of our body, those accustomed to lifting weights in the gym are also aware that at the end of each workout it is possible to feel discomfort throughout the body.

To prevent these muscle injuries and overheating you need to do some exercises before you start any type of workout.

We’re not just talking about the gymIn fact, these tips are also very useful for those who practice dance, and it is from this activity that the exercises that we are going to carry out derive.

Let’s find out in detail how avoid feeling pain at the end of each workout.

Here are the exercises to not feel pain after relaxation

We all know that the practice of a daily workout it’s important for our health, but proper warm-up can also affect overall well-being. This is why anyone who practices a sport must absolutely follow these exercises to avoid having pain at the end of the workout.

The exercises that we are going to analyze are called insulation and are performed to the rhythm of the music. These are done by moving one body part at a time, are you curious how they work? Let’s see them in detail

The first thing to do is have a full mirrorand in which we can observe the movements of our body while we perform the movements. Then choose the music you prefer, it will make your workout even more enjoyable. At last wear tight clothes to better observe the parts of the body that we are going to move.

exercises to avoid injury
Try these exercises before training, you will no longer have pain

Now that everything is ready, let’s see what exercises to do:

  • to put the legs apart with your knees slightly bent and place your hands on your hips keeping your shoulders relaxed
  • the first exercise is called body isolation, move your head from left to right while always keeping your gaze forward. When you do this, move your chin slightly forward. Perform the exercise smoothly and to the rhythm of the music 8 times.
  • the second is called shoulder insulation, start lifting your shoulders at the same time and try to bring them as close to your ears as possible. Also in this case, the movement must be fluid and in rhythm with the music, to be repeated 8 times.
  • the third exercise is called bust insulation, it is one of the most complicated because you will have to be able to move only the upper part of the body, while the legs remain stationary. always keep your hands on your hips and make sideways movements first to the right and then to the left, try to make a circle with the torso. This also needs to be done 8 times.
  • Finally, the last exercise is called basin isolation, also in this case the level of difficulty is high. Try doing the same movement with your pelvis as before, but now you will need to bend your knees slightly.

Now you just have to try to believe it, what do you think?

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