Lewis Hamilton reveals: “I’ve been fighting for my sanity for a long time. It’s okay to feel this, just know you’re not alone and we’ll get through this.”

Mental and emotional health, stress and tension management. The career of a champion is also made of invisible “adversaries” who sometimes end up winning, push to say enough or in any case to impose significant efforts not to be annihilated. From the cases of the two number ones such as gymnast Simon Biles and tennis player Ashleigh Barty (and her colleagues Naomi Osaka and Elina Svitolina) passing years ago to the centaur Casey Stoner, the sports world is seeing an ever-increasing rise. more massive athletes that they are grappling with deep emotional challenges, especially in a historic time like the present, marked by the Covid emergency and now by the conflict in Ukraine. Highlighting these issues that send a clear alarm message about the mental retention of those who have lived for decades in the spotlight is the seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

In a post revived on his Instagram profile, the Briton admitted to suffering from psychological problems: “It’s already been a very difficult year considering everything that is happening around us and some days it is difficult to stay positive. I struggled with mental and emotional health for a long time. Moving forward is a constant effort, but we have to keep fighting, because there is so much to do and achieve”, wrote the British champion who in recent months has not experienced a particularly happy period in sport, with the defeat at the last corner of the last GP against Max Verstappen which cost him the world title. The way this disappointment matured had pushed the British champion, usually very active on social profiles, into a long silence that lasted almost two months, in which there was no shortage of rumors to hypothesize his retirement from the race. Added to this are the dramatic news stories mentioned by the British.

β€œI am writing to tell you that it’s okay to feel how it feels, and to know that you are not alone and that we will get through this. A friend reminded me today that you can be so powerful that you can do anything you put your mind to. We can all do it – he added – remember to live with gratitude another day to get up. Sending you love and light,” Hamilton concluded. When the tennis player from Osaka last June decided to quit the Roland Garros tournament and drop out of Roland Garros admitting to having suffered from depression since 2018, Hamilton dedicated words of solidarity to the tennis player. “We are all just human beings. Mental health is no joke, is a serious and concrete problem. It takes a lot of courage to deal with depression. Let’s all make sure Naomi knows she’s not alone,” the pilot commented. Thus, a few days after the Barty and Svitolina affair, he returned to the issue of emotional stress. An increasingly difficult “enemy” for champions to defeat.

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