library reactivation proposal –

The abolition of the referent of the districts which no longer existed for some time as well as the presence of the person in charge of the sports media library which could however be reactivated and the need to use consultation as a tool for promoting solidarity and education to civil coexistence has been added.

The Sports Council will return to be active in bringing together all the sports realities of Savona and in the third commission of the common council in Savona, the councilor Francesco Rossello illustrated some changes and news on the subject.

“We reiterate the interest of investing in consultation as a place of consultation and exchange, also in the register of sports clubs, we must therefore restore the regulations but it is not by intervening on what we are capable of do consultation. operational, we do if we work well,” explained Rossello.

“We imagined that it would be useful to work on the creation of a sports library in Savona, there is an important history and a very important and significant Savona sports literature of which there is also a section in the library but not organized like a sports library library. It would be interesting to find a space and a way to organize it in an organic way” continues the sports councilor.

Last January, the municipality awarded a prize to athletes from Savona who took part in the Tokyo Olympics, hence the idea of ​​thinking of an annual prize-giving ceremony.

“Also due to the demand that comes from the sports world for recognition by the administration of the activity carried out and the results obtained, we thought it could be interesting to institutionalize the award, making it an event that takes place annually and which allows to give recognition to the many sportsmen of Savona who, for one reason or another, stand out at national and international level”, underlined Rossello who also recalled the theme of the method of appointment and replacement of Council members.

“The Consulta dello Sport does not work like that, you have to attract those who work in sports clubs, but if each group has a delegate who can participate, it is more fluid, it is convened faster and a synthesis can be found. I think it is important to hold preliminary meetings between all the sports groups, to find a delegate and to do a consultation with 15-20 working people,” Lega councilor Maurizio Scaramuzza intervened.

“It will be the coordination that will give the right importance to the Council involving all the associations, we have 106-107 Asd and it is clear that we will not be able to bring them all together but we must be good at increasing these 15 -20 people who have come before – specifies the adviser of the Pd Aureliano Pastorelli – I am of the idea that the convocations can be increased by dividing the sports because there are many practices”.

“To have added this point on amateur sport is an additional point, our city is also made up of sportsmen who did not have the great notoriety of the media but who on the contrary deserve it” continued the left-wing city councilor of Savona Marco Ravera in reminiscent of former Savona footballer the late Andrea Pali.

“The Council as it is constituted is not functional for the needs of the sport of Savona, also because there is so much parochialism, each company actually draws water in its mill – a said Schirru mayor’s list adviser Daniela Giaccardi – would it make sense if general but useful issues are identified, otherwise there is a risk of dispersing the characteristics of a body that should carry common interests “.

“The regulations define the objectives well and circumscribe them in a certain way, but establishing annual objectives of general interest could be one of the elements that can be addressed. There are very disparate themes and that weighs down the objectives. The composition is a historical problem And it is useless to keep such a large participation. How it was structured they seem more than the general states of the sport which do not find general objectives, “continues Manuel Meles, adviser to the M5S.

“This council must start working in a serious way and we must take on even more specific tasks in the field of sport. We need provincial coordination, there has been an apocalyptic bureaucratic chaos due to the Covid” he said. said. declared the director of the Brothers of Italy Renato Giusto.

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