lobbies and multinationals prevail

Italy is the country of the sun, yet here the lobbies of fossil fuels predominate, we are therefore bound hand and foot to fossil fuels that we pay dearly billions and billions of euros each year. And it is all the citizens who pay for the damage to health they cause, damage of enormous dimensions but not mentioned

Italy is the country of the sun, yet here the lobbies of fossil fuels predominate, we are therefore bound hand and foot to fossil fuels that we pay dearly billions and billions of euros each year. But it’s not enough; it is all the citizens who pay for the damage to health they cause, damage of enormous dimensions but not mentioned. Damage that not only we pay, but that our children and grandchildren will also pay.
With the money that has always been given to the fossil lobbies, we would have long since created a completely self-sufficient Italy in terms of energy and zero emissions. But if Italy becomes self-sufficient and zero-emissions, how do the pollution multinationals make their money? We cannot allow citizens to enjoy excellent health, to be independent and to live well at little cost… All the aspects that do not help those who benefit from it have their reason to be to win.
In health, it should be noted that, in the face of very severe restrictions on freedoms and rights, pharmaceutical companies have made billions in the last two years. Moreover, little by little, public health has been seriously mutilated (37 billion deleted in ten years), with very serious consequences and inconveniences that will only get worse.
As for mobility, Italy, in deference to potentates and corporations, was built like a huge highway and garage from south to north.
This means that we are one of the first countries in the world for motorization per capita with the figure freak of 52 million and 400,000 motor vehicles with almost 40 million cars. A country that is suffocating with concrete and pollution where fuels have stellar costs but where we continue undeterred to build roads, highways and advertise tank cars at absurd costs. And whether it is or will be electric cars, that does not move the problem much.
Has public transport increased? Not even for a dream, the high speed is improved to the maximum, which is needed by very few centers and is expensive. Have training been carried out in the population to offer alternative mobility? But let’s not joke. Have the costs of air transport increased, which consumes insane amounts of fuel with enormous pollution to bring us a weekend in Ibiza? Of course not, you don’t want to be against progress. And so in Ibiza you can magically come and go for a few tens of euros and there is nothing to be scandalized, it is rather a symbol of freedom. Yet the golden rule is always the same: the interests of the fossil fuel multinationals of the car, airline and cement magnates never, ever touch each other. Also because they are the same ones who, with their advertisements, keep the mainstream media system in place, let alone if they go against those who pay their salaries.
Now what is the solution? Well, do not give credit to those who are still serving multinationals and various lobbies. And get together with other people to create ecovicinato projects everywhere, recovering territories and working for energy and food self-sufficiency, drastically reducing all types of waste. Then create alternative mobility, first by moving as little as possible if this has no real meaning and usefulness, and then by sharing the most ecologically sustainable means of transport, by asking for the strengthening of public transport, the rehabilitation of abandoned railways in service and reinforced local connections, avoid flying except in cases of strict necessity and especially in Europe where trains lead everywhere.
And we must act in this direction quickly, because each passing day the multinationals of the absurd and their butlers push us more and more towards the abyss.



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