Lockdown in Shanghai, protests and clashes with the police: There is a lack of food and medicine

The total blockade of the city does not stop in Shanghai and after 18 days of new closures these are the first clashes with the police, while citizens continue to complain of shortages of food and medicine.

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In Shanghai, the Chinese government is not backing down: containment still hard to extinguish the largest Covid epidemic in China since the start of the pandemic. That’s when daily contagion cases continue to top 20,000, even though most people who test positive are asymptomatic. Meanwhile, protests are exploding in a city exhausted by 18 days of total lockdown. Some residents clashed with police, who ordered them to leave their homes to deliver them to coronavirus patients. This is evidenced by certain videos posted on Chinese social networks, as a rare testimony to the growing discontent of the megalopolis, the economic heart of China. And not only: On Thursday, also on social networks, videos were broadcast in which citizens shouted at crowds of police in riot gear, trying to break through their line.

A clip shows police making several arrests, with people accusing them of beating them. The public’s anger therefore becomes almost unstoppable, but not only because they are fed up with the restrictions. In fact, residents continue to complain aboutnow an unsustainable shortage of food and medicinewhile the Beijing government and local authorities strive to repeat that all basic necessities are available and fully accessible.

Meanwhile, in the city, according to leaks, there would be forced transfers to quarantine centers, as well as the execution of dogs and cats for fear of contagion. In the conference rooms and gymnasiums converted to accommodate Covid patients, there would therefore be no showers or beds, with poor hygienic conditions and the lights permanently on, day and night. night. No discounts are given to anyone, not even children, as shown in some videos in which the little ones are seen left alone after being taken away by parents who have recovered from the virus or tested negative for the swabs. In recent days, an Italian citizen living in the city, Martino, had also told our media about the difficulties of living in the megalopolis.

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Several European diplomats who find themselves in Shanghai have rushed against the tougher containment measures, starting with those against children, so that officials seem to have decided to relax policies to contain the virus.

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