Look, Forlì must keep running – Sport

by Simone Casadei

Leaving behind the bitterness of the derby, it is already time for Forlì to turn its gaze to the clock phase. The annex which will establish the two scoreboards for the playoffs will begin next weekend, with the red and white which will even anticipate a few hours. The home game against Trapani will indeed take place on Friday evening at 8 p.m., supplemented by free television coverage on MediaSport (channel 402 of digital terrestrial, 814 of Sky or 54 of Tivusat).

The one against the Sicilians will therefore be the first of the last four regular season games, in which to try to climb new valuable positions in the standings. This must be the mantra of a Forlì who today occupies seventh place in the Red group. Paired with Cento at 28 points and +2 on eighth in class, San Severo. But above all, it is urgent to ensure participation in the playoffs, for the moment not yet mathematical: the ninth place of Latina is “only” at four points. The direct confrontations smile however on Pontini, winner as well on the outward journey as on the return. Latina is going through a positive period (stopped by Scafati after six wins in a row), the Lazio watch schedule is not so complicated (Assigeco Piacenza and Mantua the highest obstacles). The Unieuro can’t be scared away and a first victory against Trapani could already almost end the discussion.

At that time, Forlì could concentrate on the teams that precede him, therefore on the real “focus” by next May 1. Always assuming that there will be missteps from others, the debatable minimum for Dell’Agnello’s men is to put the arrow on Cento and grab sixth place. Tramec is struggling (three straight defeats) and away games with Treviglio and Turin, among others, won’t be easy for Ranuzzi and his teammates. In friendly, however, they will receive Mantoue (first match next weekend) and Assigeco Piacenza.

A step above, here is the other Emilien, Top Secret Ferrara. In this case, catching the Este family is more complicated, but not impossible. The Unieuro must recover 4 points on Este (it will therefore require a significant negative rank of Leka’s men), but the direct confrontations smile on them. The Este family must deal with the infirmary: the former FulgorLibertas Luca Campani broke his jaw on Sunday, and his stop – not short – went to those of Augustin Fabi and Giovanni Vildera. All three could skip the clock, which features the impervious moves of Pistoia and Treviglio (Casale and Assigeco Piacenza at home). In short, for fifth place we will have to fight and cross our fingers.

Almost impregnable however, Chiusi and his fourth place in the standings. With a “virtual” +5 on Forlì due to the favorable double confrontation, the Tuscans should come out completely (Cantù and Pistoia will however be hard bones for the terrible Sienese rookie) and Unieuro should miss nothing or almost nothing. The KO of the derby reduced Ravenna’s third place to 8 points: a mathematically impassable “gap”.

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