Lucatti unleashed: Badesse rejoices Trestina ko and overtaken in the standings





BADESSE (3-5-2): Conti; Schiaroli, Manganelli, Paparusso; Frosinini, Andreoli, Buono (29′ Chiti), Cappelli (43′ Mari), Cecconi; Mignani (35′ Diarrasouba), Lucatti (46′ Gozzerini).

Bench: Trapassi, Ranelli, Corsi, Disciple, Masini. Coach from Alexandria.

TRESTINE (4-3-1-2): Mazzoni; Convito, Della Spoletina, Cenerini, Giacometti (1st Lorenzini, 24th Cesarini); Barbarossa (16th Sirci), Gori (16th Bruschi), Gramaccia; Khribech; Essoussi, Di Cato.

Bench: Montanari, Magalotti, De Benedictis, Laurenzi, Mariucci. Coach Pierotti.

Referee: Kovacevic d’Arco Riva (Beggiato-Scifo).

Goals: 2’pt (rig.) And 31’pt Lucatti, 48’pt Gramaccia, 2’st Lucatti (rig.).

Notes – Reserved: Gori, Della Spoletina, Frosinini, Bruschi. Stops: 4′ and 6′.

BADESSE – The Badesse returns to success after two matches, bypassing Trestina in a direct match for the play-offs. At Berni, Alessandria’s training started very strong. Indeed, at 2′ the hosts are already in front: contact in the area between Mignani and Della Spoletina. For Kovacevic, it’s a penalty. From the disc, Lucatti moves Mazzoni. The response of the bianconeri is first on the side of Essoussi (4 ‘) then on the right side of the outside of Khribech. The Umbrian game is still illuminated by the initiatives of Khribech while the Sienese bet more on the long balls in search of the center forward. The very opportunity for the double is on the right of Mignani (25’) who from an excellent position puts aside, frustrating a good action by Frosinini on the right. The hosts squander another colossal goal ball for the 2-0 a few minutes later: first with Mignani not serving Frosinini, then later in the action with Lucatti (caught by Buono) claiming a penalty for a touch of the hand. of area. For the referee, it is only a corner. But the double comes immediately after again with Lucatti, this time with a header, served by a cross from Frosinini, clearly the best of the lot: 2-0. Essoussi lost a few centimeters in the final. Lucatti imitates him on the other side, shooting high in front of Mazzoni. La Trestina shortens in the full-bodied recovery with Captain Gramaccia, who with the right dries Conti a few steps.

In the second half, the start is a photocopy of the first: Convito spreads out in the surface of Lucatti. On the spot, home 9 scores the hat-trick, 3-1. Conti raises Di Cato’s left hand (7′) for a corner while Andreoli gratifies Mazzoni (17′) with a few steps. Manganelli passes very close to the leading poker (31 ‘) before Cesarini shoots towards the stars after a scrum in the Sienese area. In the final, tired teams and many changes. Schiaroli has a good chance on the right but puts aside, on the other side Essoussi tries alone but without success. Badesse wins almost 4-1 on several occasions.

Guido DeLeo

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