Male health, the role of fruits and vegetables

Monday, April 11, 2022

It is now well known that fruits and vegetables are good for your health. But research continues to link the fruit and vegetable consumption to the prevention of important pathologies. For example, antioxidants present in various foods, from green tea to cooked tomatoes, red fruits, grapes and pomegranate, can make the difference in the prevention of prostate cancer, opening up a new scenario also as support. therapy that reduces its toxicity and helps block disease progression.

Experts from the Italian Society of Andrology (Sia), gathered in Rome on the occasion of the National Congress, arrive recommendations regarding the use of antioxidants, which clarify the approaches that have shown greater effectiveness.

As reported by ANSA, according to the conclusions of experts who have analyzed and described in depth the scientific literature on the subject, the strongest evidence concerns certain foods that contain substances with antioxidant and antiproliferative actionsuch as epigallocatechins, lycopene, resveratrol and recently pterostilbene, with an advantageous balance between efficacy and safety.

“With 36,000 new cases per year, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the male population in Italy – he explains Alessandro Palmieri, President Sia – It is essential to be aware of the main risk factors, such as a family history of prostate cancer, advanced age and lifestyles, such as diet. It is shown that the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol, saturated fats, milk derivatives, can play a role in the genesis of this neoplasm, but research has always tried to identify drugs or natural products capable of prevent the development of prostate cancer, if administered to those most at risk or to patients who already had precancerous lesions”.

“A lot of research has highlighted the preventive power of many compounds of natural origin – he explains David Arcaniolo, member of the Sia Scientific Commission – The most studied are undoubtedly epigallocatechins and lycopene, substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, contained in large quantities mainly in green tea and tomatoes. In a clinical study on a group of subjects at high risk for prostate cancer, it was found that those who regularly took epigallocatechins derived from green tea had a 60% reduced risk of getting sick compared to those who did not take it. than a placebo substance. The risk can be reduced by up to 80% with consumption of these substances for two consecutive years.

Even the lycopene, contained in large quantities in tomatoes, represents another active ingredient widely studied in prevention strategies. In a meta-analysis of 42 studies with the observation of nearly 700,000 participants, a protective effect of lycopene was found to be superior to most other compounds except green tea. In addition, new studies have demonstrated the particular effectiveness of resveratrol, contained above all in grapes, not only as a preventive action against prostate cancer but also as a support for anti-tumor treatments due to the very high antioxidant potential that acts both in the cancer state, by blocking factors, and in the most advanced state by suppressing factors that slow its progression.

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