Malotti: “Aquila in the top ten? Let’s try” – Sport

by Giustino Bonci

Three days of well-deserved rest to celebrate the early salvation and Easter as it should be but tomorrow afternoon the Eagle will resume training. Easter Monday in the field, therefore, for Amatucci and his companions in view of the last effort of the championship, or the challenge in the name of the colors red and blue, the prerogative of both, with Gubbio at the “Gastone Brilli Peri” . The match will be played at 5:30 p.m. and, beyond the outcome of the match, the two teams must now be united by convinced applause. In fact, if the same leaders of the Lega Pro congratulated the management of Montevarchina for achieving a historic result and validating the vocation of the C series as a laboratory for young people, the Gubbio must be congratulated for the seventh place already secured in the game-offs with 52 points collected and the possibility of undermining the sixth. In training, the Umbrians managed to place themselves immediately behind the six “big” of the tournament Modena, Reggiana, Cesena, Pescara, Virtus Entella and Ancona Matelica. Speaking of promotion play-offs, immediately after the certainty of having achieved the mathematical objective of remaining in the category, Malotti had even raised the hypothesis that his boys could catch them for the last dive. “They tell me that maybe there is a small chance of getting back into the top ten – said the Florentine coach – and then we might as well try to go all the way”. Well, in fact, two or three calculations are enough to say that the chances of the eagles succeeding are one in a hundred. In addition to beating Gubbio, a tough business albeit played within friendly walls, the citizens of Valdarno should expect plenty of heartwarming news from the fields of their direct competitors. A look at the standings, indeed, sees the Eagles at an altitude of 42 points, the same as Teramo with whom, by the way, they have the advantage of having won both direct clashes. The good news ends there, however, because with Olbia, Siena and Pontedera, a trio of 43, Montevarchi is totally at a disadvantage. The same is true with the Vis Pesaro who has 45 points, like the Carrarese, with whom, however, the record is equal.

Realism obliges us to put aside Pindar flights and try to end an extraordinary year in style. From a potential Cinderella, or for many “lonely” summer mattresses, Roberto Malotti’s team, skillfully shaped by technical director Giorgio Rosadini, has become an example to emulate as the ideal gym for young people . And then there is a reason above all to fill the Comunale in six days: to say “thank you” to those who gave the city unforgettable emotions, like in the spring of 2021. The injured Giordani, Nannelli and Rinaldi will not participate in the match farewell, while Simone Biagi could start or play at least once.

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