Marca Bologna 2022, start of the sprint between food and well-being – Chronicle

Bologna, April 13, 2022 – Since the first morning hours, there is no shortage of those who hang around the streets, waiting to cross the entrance. There are those who come from other cities, other regions and even those who arrive at Two towers from other countries. But also those who, impatient, prepare their stand while waiting to present their products to a large public and thus begin to pull the strings of the first business meetings. After the digital edition of 2021, ‘Marca By BolognaFiere’ is back, and it does so in a big way, involving 900 exhibitors and many Buyer from 23 countries: from food – a sector which brings together approximately 75% of the exhibitors present – to packaging and hygiene and household products, along the five pavilions of the exhibition center (25, 26, 28, 29 and 30) the flavors of private label food mingle with the freshness of the novelties presented on the occasion of the 18th edition, also open today.

inaugurate the event – organized in collaboration with ADM – was the conference ‘Distributor’s brand and consumer in the changing society”, by ADM with The European House-Ambrosetti and Ipsos: among the most relevant data, it emerged that private label reached 11.7 billion euros and a market share of 19, 8% in 2021, consolidating a record performance in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic emergency.

And prove yourself moreover, decisive: the impact on the total turnover of the food industry is equal to 7.7% and explains 60% of the growth of the food industry in the domestic market over the past 18 years. But not only. In 2021, buying private label products saved Italians 2.1 billion euros, or about 100 euros per family.

Among the presences history at the Fair too Chalk, “one of the first realities that began to be present in this event, in order to share a moment of encounter and full of relationships – emphasizes Pietro Poltronieri, director of MDD Crai -. As for the private label, we are working hard to make the offer more and more sustainable, with great attention to packaging and production processes. At the assortment level, however, we will continue to work on strengthening our premium line ‘Piaceri Italiani’ , which covers the typical products of the different regions”. Also dotting the exhibition halls with their stands Melegatti, Tomasoni, Coop Italy, Conad, Fiorentini Alimentari, Agriform, Aironè and La Linea Verde. And, on the front line, also Parmacotto, who lays down his strategies for the future in black and white: “Marca gives the opportunity to meet again and receive new stimuli – says Gaia Gualterio, Marketing Director -. We will work a lot on the sustainability, carrying out the roadmap project towards carbon neutrality by 2030. But not only: we focus on social well-being, as well as environmental and table well-being”.

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