Mars in Pisces brings fatigue and sleepiness to Sagittarius, Capricorn likes to eat and shop while this sign will have good news

The African anticyclone that has hit Italy in recent days has led to a marked increase in temperatures. In just under a week, we went from cool spring to summer temperatures. Even in the next, the script shouldn’t vary much.

Even if there are more than 40 days left, we are witnessing a first summer aperitif. This will lead to many people looking for a bit of freshness or their first dip in the sea. Let’s see what the horoscope weekend looks like, with some zodiac signs that are sure to be favorites.

The presence of Mars in Pisces, which is depleting, however, will not bring great effects for Sagittarius. People born from November 22 to December 21 will indeed experience a particularly weak weekend. There won’t be many moves to stimulate the urge to get off the couch. The first heat has been felt in recent days and Saturday and Sunday we will have to recover from the efforts. There will not even be a great craving for food and interesting proposals will also be offered, such as a perfect barbecue with friends. Also because in this historic moment, it is not necessary to be surrounded by too many people.

On the other hand, the one who will be very inclined to eat well on weekends is Capricorn. However, it will be a way to forget some sorrows received in recent weeks. An invitation to a loved one’s lunch or dinner or a Saturday night out. Or, why not, the opportunity to watch the game with friends on Sunday evening, in front of a steaming pizza.

Mars in Pisces brings fatigue and sleepiness to Sagittarius, Capricorn likes to eat and shop while this sign will have good news

Not only that, because shopping will also be therapeutic this weekend. With or without your partner, you can decide to take advantage of Saturday afternoon to buy clothes for the summer. On Sunday mornings, however, you can focus on crafts or antiquing, perhaps pairing it with an out-of-town outing amidst history and nature.

Finally, good news for one of the main signs of this year 2022, namely Aquarius. Those born between January 21 and February 19 will indeed receive sensational news. For Milan fans, for example, it could be a long-awaited championship. If the Rossoneri win against Atalanta and Inter fail Sunday night in Cagliari, they could celebrate the triumph with a day to spare. For singles, however, there may be a yes to an invitation from someone who decided to accept after a long courtship. It is not certain that the two various facts can coincide for the same fan of AC Milan. It would be the apotheosis!

Mars in Pisces brings fatigue and sleepiness to the sign of Sagittarius, fabulous news for Aquarius, and a weekend of shopping and food for Capricorn. The three signs, in this 2022, have undoubtedly had worse weekends.

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