Matt Czuchry once called ‘A Mom as a Friend’ a ‘training ground’

Since he acted Gilmore Girls in the early 2000s, Matt Czuchry landed increasingly important roles. Czuchry’s current role in the resident he’s very different from the super rich Yale student he starred in Gilmore Girls, but his time on the show nonetheless influenced his career. The famous actor was once called Gilmore Girls a “training ground”.

Matt Czuchry played Logan Huntzberger in “A Mom as a Friend”

Czuchry played Logan Huntzberger for three seasons Gilmore Girls. Logan, the son of a media mogul, met Rory Gilmore when he was a sophomore at Yale. Initially intrigued by Rory, playboy Logan decided to keep his distance. Eventually, Rory and Logan started dating. The couple grew together through ups and downs, but broke up at the end of the series. Their breakup wasn’t the last time fans would see Logan. He also appeared in the Netflix revival, A mother as a friend: a year in the life.

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