May 1st of sport in Livorno. Too… What can happen to hourly chaos

LIVORNO. May Day for many, but not for everyone. Certainly not for the guards of sports facilities who will have to work even more than on other days. And if on the one hand the fans do not run the risk of getting bored, on the other hand there is the high risk of such a congestion of events which could lead to organizational chaos.


Let’s put some order. From today the sports calendar includes: at 3:00 p.m. Pro Livorno-Poggibonsi at the stadium, at 3:30 p.m. the amaranth Livorno Rugby-Lions derby at the “Montano” field in via dei Pensieri and at 6:00 p.m. the PL-Libertas derby for the Serie B basketball championship. And so far, everything could be fine.

But on this program Us Livorno can break through with the red marker since May 1st is one of the dates set for the Serie D promotion play-offs. The chances of Livorno playing are high (so we will explain to you why) , it remains to be understood whether at home or away. We will find out on Tuesday 19, when the calendars are drawn. It’s clear that if Livorno were to play at home on May 1, some transfers would be required. However, for everyone, they are extremely complicated.


On Tuesday, the first day of the play-offs scheduled for Sunday April 24 will be drawn, while on the second day (Wednesday 27) the loser of the first round will enter the pitch (in case of a tie, the home team is considered the loser) and the team that rested. In short, Livorno plays on May 1 both if they rest in the first round and if they make a positive result in the first round. We touch the iron, but the odds are very high. Whether it’s home or away remains to be seen, and that depends on the draw.


If US Livorno plays away on May 1, the problems are solved even if the risk for PL-Libertas is to lose many spectators. If, on the other hand, he plays at home, certain trips will be necessary which (to this day) seem almost impossible.

Only the relocation of the Pro Livorno Sorgenti match (which perhaps from the penultimate day could already be relegated) would make the program silent, but Pls also plays on Wednesday 27 and therefore seems unthinkable.

At this point, the hope is that the US play-off draw can have “smart” criteria, as happens for example in Serie A to avoid overlaps. With this in mind, having Livorno play at home on Sunday 24 (first round of the play-offs) would give the certainty that the amaranths would not play at home on May 1. Otherwise there is a real risk of ending up in a dead end.

LIVOURNO SOCCER: Tuesday there is the draw for the 4 most anticipated challenges

The Livorno matches are the real point of balance in view of May 1st. The draw for the competition calendar is scheduled for Tuesday 19, of course there are only the dates for now: first leg on Sunday 24, Wednesday 27 and Sunday 1 May; return Sunday 8, Wednesday 11, Sunday 15.

Beyond the dates and times, it is clear that a Livorno match moves thousands of fans and therefore, also due to a problem of public order, it is the most important event. Playing away on May Day would simplify everything, even if it would take away many spectators from other events, mainly basketball.

PRO LIVORNO SOURCES: at the stadium at 3 p.m. even if it won’t count

The most insignificant event of this May Day will probably be the match between Pro Livorno Sorgenti and Poggibonsi, scheduled at the stadium from 3 p.m.

The Pro Livorno Sorgenti now has a foot and a half in Serie D and should take up this challenge with Poggibonsi (penultimate day) with the already mathematical certainty of relegation. Playing early is complicated if not impossible because PLS still have a close game (Wednesday 27) and even the opponents would hardly accept playing 3 days apart.

DERBY BASKETBALL: PL and Libertas at 18 the playoffs are played

The most anticipated challenge. Which, by an incredible coincidence, will be played on May 1st. This is the third derby of the season between PL and Libertas, and certainly the most important given that the two teams have a very good chance of managing to play the one-way ticket for the qualifiers for this derby. We hope for the Libertas which had started the season with so many ambitions but had to face a thousand problems, we hope for the PL which aspired to salvation but now sees the finish line not far away. It’s played at the PalaModì, a duo at 6 p.m. If Livorno had to play away, it would be useful to go to 7 p.m. but it seems complicated.

DERBY RUGBY: on the pitch at 3.30 p.m. always via dei Pensieri

An expected derby, postponed last year (due to Covid) and now ready to go back on stage. The one between Rugby Livorno and Lions Amaranto is a much-awaited challenge in the middle of the oval ball, the two clubs are “friends” but there is also a healthy sporting rivalry. The match will be played on the Montano pitch (via dei Pensieri) at 3:30 p.m. And to think that the clubs in the past had also toyed with the idea of ​​​​playing this challenge at the stadium, a hypothesis which today (with this congestion of events) seems almost a joke. And with Livorno Rugby still in contention for Serie A, it could be a very important derby.

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