Memorandum of Understanding between the UniBa Center “Healthy Food” and the Municipality of Noci


The landscape you eat. An urban theme park dedicated to food and nutrition in the old district of Macto

The project was presented yesterday, Monday March 28, 2022 at the Cloister of San Domenico “The Landscape You Eat” for the promotion of physical and nutritional well-being.

The municipal administration of Noci has already been involved for some time in the construction of urban and territorial regeneration processes, in order on the one hand to direct the transformation and reuse of urban spaces towards new and innovative production processes and to on the other hand to consolidate the relationship between town and country.

Ours is a territory with a high agricultural vocation, characterized by a consolidated gastronomic culture and an important environmental heritage, and any regeneration strategy can only be directed towards transformations compatible with these structuring elements. – declares the Mayor Domenico Nissi. – The Municipality of Noci, together with the Municipalities of Martina Franca and Alberobello, has promoted and drafted the Integrated Landscape Plan known as “Zoccoli di Pietra”, whose regional approval process is nearing completion , through which it is intended to enhance agricultural land and the agricultural landscape, in a regenerative key, inspired by the rules of the Regional Territorial Landscape Plan. Pursuant to the Plan, it is now planned to build in the area of ​​the former Macto a Urban theme park dedicated to food and nutrition, a center of excellence with a multidisciplinary approach dedicated to research, training and dissemination activities on food, its quality and its role in maintaining health and preventing the risk of food-borne diseases and especially on the relationship between food and territory . It is a project – concludes the Mayor, – which integrates and completes this process of redevelopment of the district, with a view to strengthening local economic and tourist circuits, and which has already seen the construction of the Cine-Teatro financed“.

Hence the collaboration with the Interdepartmental University Center “Food in Health” of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”coordinated by Professor Filomena Corbo, which deals with nutraceuticals, nutrigenomics, gut microbiota, agriculture and social welfare. The Memorandum of Understanding signed yesterday lays the foundations for the effective constitution, development and operation of the Agriculture and Food Theme Park to be established in the Municipality of Noci and to analyze and support local development processes and urban and territorial regeneration linked to the improvement of the agricultural landscape, the quality of food and the promotion of human well-being linked to a healthy diet.

Today is a historic day for our community – said the councilor for spatial planning, urban regeneration, environmental policies and quality of life, Anna Martellotta. – The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality of Noci and the University of Bari is in fact part of the path towards the realization of this program of public policies aimed at satisfying forms of social well-being, aimed at improving the quality of lives of citizens and those who come here as guests or tourists. If we are able to guarantee the well-being of the inhabitants of Nocesi, the perception of enjoyment by those who come from outside and discover our territory for the first time will also increase. The hospitality of the Nocesi people – knowing how to be, understood as the ability to recognize themselves as an identity, and knowing how to do, understood as an experience matured over time, transmitted from generation to generation – is a recognized gift, which must now find its form and the background of an integrated and networked, innovative project“.

Several projects have already started in this direction and which define the broader framework in which the “La Fabbrica del CIBO” regeneration program fits: the creation in 2014 of the food Bank he was born in Pharmaceutical counter meet the basic needs of citizens in economic difficulty; in 2017, Noci was the first municipality in Puglia to adopt a deed of addressimmediately after the national Gadda law and the regional Mennea law, in the fight against food waste, implementing a series of citizen awareness initiatives to counter the phenomenon of transformation of food and non-food surpluses into a cost for society; the Integrated landscape plan called “Zoccoli di Pietra” which has already been mentioned.

The urban theme park will become a center for the promotion and marketing of agricultural and livestock products from our territory; but also a study center aimed at spreading the culture of “eating well” and preventing the risk of food-related diseases – explains Councilor Martellotta. – Through a vegetable garden and structures used for training activities, the knowledge of local agricultural and livestock products, the processes of cultivation and transformation of products, the “typical cuisine” and the “experimental cuisine” will be promoted with the reuse of waste, put in the network of restaurateurs, accommodation structures, farms and the historic center. Special thanks to the architect Giancarlo Mastrovito, architect of this marriage that we are celebrating today between the municipality of Noci and the University of Bari, and to the rector of the University of Bari, prof. Stefano Bronzini, who encouraged the creation of the “Cibo in Salute” Center“.

It was a well-attended meeting, which saw the presence of many catering and hospitality companies, as well as agricultural producers and the authoritarian interventions of prof. Filomena CorboCoordinator of the UniBa Interdepartmental Center “Cibo in Salute”, Prof. Maria Lisa ClodoveoAssociate of Food Technologies – UniBa Interdisciplinary Department of Medicine, from prof Giuseppina Gadaletasub. Andrea MaraschiDepartment of Humanistic Research and Innovation UniBa, from dr. Michele LacerèrePresident of Confagricoltura Bari-BAT, of arch. Giancarlo MastrovitoResponsible for the Integrated Landscape Plan “Zoccoli di Pietra”, and Eng. Lucky MezzapesaPresident of the Territory Planning Commission of the Municipality of Noci.

[Fonte e foto da Comune di Noci]

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