Mental health, taking a cooking class helps

We are literally surrounded by television shows, tutorials, videos that teach us how to prepare succulent dishes, and how to make the most of the diversity of foods, to feed ourselves healthier. And we are led to reproduce not only the simple recipe, but also the colors, the aromas, the methods of presentation of the dishes. Well, those who embark on this path as a “chef” know that learning will not only be useful for the palate and for choosing healthier foods, favoring fruits and vegetables.

Research conducted in Australia published in Nutrition Frontiers this shows that a good cooking class, with attention to ingredients and cooking methods, it not only promotes physical well-being and can help metabolism, but also positively affects the health of the psyche.

Seven weeks of “lessons”

The survey was coordinated by experts from Edith Cowan University who involved more than 650 people in a series of real “lessons” over an extended period of just under two months. In addition to monitoring eating behaviors and eating habits over this period, the researchers also looked at how becoming progressively better and more comfortable in the kitchen affected participants’ perceived psychological well-being.

Research shows that even when the “training” period in the kitchen ends, moving from using healthy foods to healthier ways of preparing improves people’s mental health and vitality also in controls after six months, obviously compared to a similar reference population. In short, becoming an expert chef is good not only for the body but also for the mind, also because it allows you to prepare various dishes in accordance with the most useful nutritional indications in terms of health.

Of course, the cooking classes also had a particularly positive side effect. In fact, during the learning period, all the subjects involved in the experiment gradually learned the indications for a healthier diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and with more suitable foods to promote metabolism and limit risks of developing diabetes, overweight and other problems. . All this, it must be said, with an eye for taste, smell and sight.

Because when we sit at the table we must always remember to use all the senses, avoiding swallowing quickly and not giving the right time to chew and perceive the aromas of food in a hurry. Finally, it must be said that, despite the fact that the female component was predominant among the “students” of good cooking, at the end of the course the positive effects of learning general indications for healthy eating, paying attention to the preparation dishes, were observed in both women and men who participated in the initiative.

In addition, the benefits for psychological well-being have been demonstrated not only in those who were in perfect weight at the start of the courses but also in overweight subjects, regardless of the caloric intake linked to the foods chosen for the preparation of the receipts. Learn to cook in short, calmly and with the right information, it can be an effective weapon to overcome the fear of not being able to prepare tasty and healthy dishes, reducing the risk of daily dependence on perhaps ready and pre-cooked foods or the classic sandwich, with not exactly optimal nutritional and metabolic values.

choose carefully

When shopping, before starting to go to the kitchen, we therefore try to remember the precepts of the Mediterranean diet and above all we choose the food carefully, favoring vegetables which can be prepared in a very “gourmet” way. “but without giving up on pasta, fish, light seasonings. Above all, remember to read the labels carefully. So mastering the kitchen becomes an art to feel good, even psychologically.


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