Mental Health. Veneto reorganizes and improves services

The offer intervenes organically on the DSM model with the aim of interpreting and responding to the emerging needs, specificities and problems of neighboring territories. Lanzarin: “Virtuous evolution in 2 years. The pandemic has affected the growth of the problems to be faced”. TECHNICAL NOTE

08 APRIL – By detailed deliberation, approved today by the Regional Council on the proposal of the Health Advisor, Manuela Lanzarin, Veneto has defined a new model for the organization and management of the mental health field, which aims 360 degrees at all cases, both territorial and hospital, of this very delicate health sector. The aim is to interpret and respond to emerging needs, specificities and problems of neighboring areas.

“We made it a real new organization of the system – comments Lanzarin in a note – with a strong integration between the field of health care and the field of socio-relational interventions. By reaffirming the model of community psychiatry which, in the Veneto region, is developing into an integrated network of services, linked to the fundamental informal network made up of voluntary associations and the private social sector, this provision describes the necessary evolution to give an adequate response to the emerging needs, also in relation to the results of the recent pandemic, on the psychological well-being of citizens”.

“We expect significant results – says Lanzarin – that we will obtain by strengthening the actions already in place, strengthening local assistance, overcoming organizational fragmentation where it appears, enhancing the skills of operators. All with the point of reference for the well-being of patients, their families and the community to which they belong.

The stated objectives are to be implemented gradually over a three-year period. Among these, the strengthening of the health organization as a prerequisite for the coordination and integration of the different care settings on the basis of the Individualized Therapeutic Project; restore the balance of the allocation of funds in response to the evolution of the demand for care and rehabilitation and to new emerging needs; strengthen the link between the “formal network” and the “informal” network, working in co-planning to promote innovation, flexibility and continuity of support for the life project of patients with mental disorders. In this sense, it is considered a priority to strengthen local assistance and invest in ways that allow adequate care of the continuous growth of mental health needs, increasing the resources of mental health centers and putting set up a high-level capillary network in local establishments. and strengthening home care.

“Most of the basic themes of the provision – underlines the Region – respond to the many contributions and requests that have emerged during the work of the Mental Health Commission, whose mandate is extended until December 31, 2023, and from the various meetings with stakeholders organized by the Department. The interventions outlined by the resolution are also in harmony with the programmatic axes of development of the territory and the establishment of local networks, explained in Mission 6 of the PNRR”.

The different areas on which the new organization focuses are:

– Territorial activity;
– Monitoring of integrated care pathways for the management of patients in the field of disability in adulthood;
– hospital wards;
– Semi-residential;
– Residential;
– Implementation of Telemedicine;
– Promotion of collaboration and connection between mental health services and accredited private hospitals for post-hospital rehabilitation;
– Promotion of the relationship with voluntary associations;
– Use of drugs with proven efficacy with particular attention to tolerance and safety;
– Psychiatric patients who have committed a crime;
– Suprazonal Network of Food and Nutrition Disorders;
– Mental Health Space at the age of transition (12-24 years);
– Integration with Addictions Services for Integrated Support in Respect of Specificities;
Mental health in prison;
– Cross-cutting actions, including the organization of a Regional Mental Health Conference in preparation for the definition of a new Regional Objective Project.

April 08, 2022
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