Michael Schumacher, how are you? / The state of health of Mick Schumacher’s father

Mick Schumacher’s accident got us thinking dad Michael Schumacher, his state of health and his accident. It must be said that of course these are completely different situations: Mick’s accident is a classic for those who are motorists by profession, it’s never pleasant but you know that it can happen to crash into barriers – and thanks to the noticeable safety improvements, Mick Schumacher didn’t even suffer such serious damage. Dad Michael Schumacher in fact it paid a much more serious price to a “banal” skiing accidenton a day on the snow with friends and family, including Mick himself as a child.

We can then ask ourselves : How is Michael Schumacher? In fact, for years there has been no particular news, the millions of fans of the Ferrari and of Schumi they are somewhat resigned to this sad reality and then follow with particular sympathy his son Mick, perhaps hoping that he will trace his father’s deeds, at least as much as possible, considering of course that the comparison is among the most difficult imaginable in the world of sport. A sigh of relief if only to Corinna’s motherwho had already talked on the phone with Mick Schumacher after the accident of the young Haas-Ferrari driver during qualification for the 2022 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian GP.


About dad’s health Michael Schumacherin recent days, there had been statements from Flavio Briatore which unfortunately confirm that the picture of the situation for Schumi is not very encouraging. Speaking to Corriere della Sera, Briatore said: “Sometimes I find old photos of the two of us, I want to remember it as it was. When it comes to talking about him, thinking about what he is now, it’s very hard for anyone who likes I have frequented it. Just pray, only a miracle could make it return to what it was before”.

Remember that Flavio Briatore was the top manager of the benetton with which Michael Schumacher won his first two Formula 1 world championships, before moving to Ferrari with which he would win five other world titles. Public messages are mainly those that arrive on anniversaries such as the birthday of the seven times Formula 1 world championfor the rest the reality is undoubtedly that there is no news of Michael Schumacher, whose life changed following a skiing accident after having caused sparks on Formula 1 circuits around the world…


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