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LIBERTAS CASTEL SAN PIETRO: Luca Stanzani, Sasso, Gabrielli, Giangregorio (82′ Borsetti), Garuti, Marchi, Gallinucci, Di Santo, Pozzato (90′ Balducci), Michael Stanzani, Imperato. Available: Taormina, Cavina, Migliaccio, Bergonzini, Masoudi, Rondoni. All.: Evangelists.

FACTORY: Scappi, Minelli (79′ Saturno), Montipò (66′ Meneghinello, 70′ Aranda), Saezza (59′ Kundome), Caiti, Marastoni, Quartaroli (76′ Barbieri), Bianchi, Addae, Genoa, Terragin. Available: De Prisco, Ferrari, Attolini, Vezzani. Coach: Iori.

Referee: Lelli from Cesena (Todari from Finale Emilia – Teulem from Parma).

Goals: 58′ Imperato; 67′ Michel Stanzani.

Remarks: sunny and spring afternoon; spectators about 100. Reserved: Minelli, Quartaroli, Gallinucci and Saturno.

by Federico Prati

Semi-final of the Coppa Minetti bewitched for the Fabbrico which, on the synthetic of Savignano, yields to the green Libertas Castel San Pietro.

Now for the Bolognese the final against Salsomaggiore, currently engaged in the national phase, while the biancazzurri can hope in the hurray of the Parma players to meet the Bolognese again thanks to the bizarre regulations.

“We lacked the wickedness in front of goal when the game was balanced – analyzes coach Cristian Iori – Other times we were able to straighten it out, whereas today (yesterday, editor’s note) was not a day” .

From now on, the Bassa club (on the full photo) will have to focus on the Promotion championship in which it is in the place of honor at -3 from the surprise Boretto and on Sunday there will be the insidious challenge against Scandianese .

The Chronicle. The winger Minelli punches Terragin, but on his center the departmental colleague Addae does not manage to hit the head. On the other side, centre-forward Stanzani’s right-point, one of the best in the middle, is printed on the post after a suggestion from captain Gabrielli. Factory response entrusted to midfielder Bianchi’s low shot, released by an Addae-Terragin initiative, but guest goalkeeper Stanzani stretches. The same number one tows a Terragin lob caught in Genoa.

In the second half, a lost ball in the opposing three-quarters surprised Fabbrico, pierced by the clever right foot of baby Imperato (2004), the youngest of the 22 on the field, which gave the arrow to all the players.

Reggio’s reaction produces a solo from Addae at the invitation of Genoa, but his left is pushed back for a corner by Stanzani: just on Bianchi’s corner, Terragin’s flying deflection crashes into the crossbar. On the other front, after a half-miracle from Scappi on Imperato, the sphere ends at the limit where Stanzani guesses the low angle to overtake him. Boarding headlong for the blue and white troops, but the energies are in reserve so the Bolognese defend themselves with order, hitting the well-deserved pass for the final act.

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