Ministry of Health, stable positivity rate and declining hospitalizations. From today the fourth dose for over 80 – picenotime

I am 83,643 new cases and 169 the victims of Covid in Italy in the last 24 hours according to today’s bulletin from the Ministry of Health. The infections emerged from 563,018 samples taken, including antigenic and molecular samples with a positivity rate equal to 14.9%. Yesterday there were 115 deaths and 28,368 new positives out of 192,782 swabs processed with a positivity rate of 14.7%.

Patients admitted to intensive care units are 463 (-3 compared to yesterday), while they are 10.207 the number of beds occupied by Covid patients in ordinary wards (-49 compared to yesterday).

People who have been discharged and recovered from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours appear to be 87.904 for a total of 14,015,032 since the start of the pandemic. Victims since February 2020 number 161,032.

From today, people with more than 80 years oldand subjects aged 60 and over who are very vulnerable can take the fourth dose of the anti-Covid19 vaccine with direct access to the Population Vaccination Points. Booking via the La Poste platform will, however, be possible from April 14 at 10 a.m. Those over 80 can also go to the pharmacy, subjects in a fragile situation are contacted by the structures in charge of them but can book themselves.
Those who have received the two doses of the vaccine (or the single dose if Janssen) of the primary course and the first booster dose can access the second booster dose after at least 120 days from the previous one. The additional dose is given in order to obtain an adequate level of immune response. It will be performed with Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines, regardless of the types of vaccines previously administered.
From April 14, reservations can also be made through the Italian Post portal: in addition to the user’s personal data, it is necessary to have the health card number and tax code, and a mobile phone number to which the confirmation will be notified. With the help of Poste Italiane, it is also possible to book in the PostaMat active in the regional territory (it is enough to insert the health card), through the postmen who deliver the mail at home or by sending an SMS with the tax code at number 339.9903947 (within 48 to 72 hours, you will be contacted to proceed by telephone to the choice of the place and date of the appointment).
Once the reservation has started, the user will be immediately informed of the day, the place where the vaccine will be administered and the time at which he must present himself at the vaccination point. As with previous administrations, if the person has difficulty reaching the vaccination centers, they can contact their general practitioner who can schedule the vaccination at home. At present, the indication on the fourth dose of anti-Covid vaccine does not apply to subjects who have contracted the infection with SARS-CoV-2 after the administration of the first booster dose, such as the specifies the circular from the Ministry of Health which also contains the list of conditions of great fragility.

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