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Modena, April 9, 2022 – There is only one possible articulation so that the party can be triggered within the party: Reggiana losing in Fermo, Modena wins in front of more than 10,000 Braglia with Imolese. Only this chance, otherwise the canaries will have to postpone the promotion to Gubbio, Thursday evening. If so, in Umbria a victory for Tesser’s side will truly be ‘enough’ to raise the glasses and toast to Serie B, whatever happens in Reggio Emilia with the grenades involved with Virtus Entella.

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On the other hand, it is the advantage in the hands of the yellows. These 4 points (fortunately 4 remaining after Pistoia) allow us to make an appointment with destiny, whether today or Thursday. In the worst case (Modena incredibly stopped by Imolese and Gubbio) then the last day with Pontedera would not be recommended for the faint-hearted, but you will have to go there until April 23rd in the end.

The first match-point Tesser has it with the Imolese, it is little but sure. And even if the technician doesn’t worry or take a look at what’s going to happen in Fermo, a hand from the Marches has to come if you want to give a dream night in Modena. THE rivers of beer offered of the president Carlo Rivetti they are fresh, the public responded as never before in the season, the ingredients that will frame the yellow-blue afternoon are all there. Then, of course, there’s the field that talks about a spin because that’s what it is.

In the second round, the Imolese would be the last, the Modenas would confirm the primacy. Surprises are always around the corner, Olbia, Siena and Pistoiese teach, but it’s too important a time to think we can give even a minute, a single fraction of the game, to an opponent who is certainly fighting for sporting life or death, but who knows that he is facing a mountain to climb. So how did Tesser prepare it?

With the return of Pergreffi in the center of defence, alongside Silvestri. With the return of Ciofani on the right after Oukhadda’s two starts, with the hope of a decisive Azzi and with Magnino slightly ahead of Scarsella in midfield with Gerli and Armellino. Will it depend on Bonfanti? Could be. The doubt will remain until these hours. Mosti the eventual sacrificed, Minesso would climb on the trocar paired with Tremolada. In short, here we are.

It’s really the home straight, the one where those in front have to step on the accelerator not to treat yourself to unpleasant surprises right at the end. Modena is ready for the first match point, had been waiting for it for years and made it known by answering “yes” to Rivetti’s invitation. There is only one chance to go to B today, believing that it is not a utopia.

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