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Emotions and satisfactions for the athletes of the association of President Tucci

CAMPOBASSO. Great feedback for theH2O Sports also come beginners with the second stage of the Molise Swim Cup which has given emotions and satisfaction to the athletes of the association of President Tucci. The season of red and white colors continues in the best possible way and the work in the pool is leading to increasingly important results thanks to the work of the technicians Luca Di Giacomo, Paolo Di Lullo and Giorgio Petrella. Let’s see in detail what happened in the Termoli fair.

Beginners B

Beginners B – Double gold medal and fine chronometric performances for Vittorio Cianciullo in the 100 m backstroke (1’23″0) and 100 m freestyle (1’13″6) as well as for the partner Julien Di Giacomo who won the 50m butterfly in 36″8 and the 100m breaststroke in 3’28″9. Win first place in the 100m backstroke Carola Casolino (1’39″9) who enriches his day with the beautiful fifth place in the 100 m freestyle. The 50 butterflies are in silver love from asia which stops the times at 41”7 and places fifth position in the 200m breaststroke on the board. Podium also important for Emma DeFelice secondaries 200 breaststroke in 3’42″8. Third square centered by Giulia Metta in the 100 backstroke in 1’44″5. For her, there is also a fourth place in the 100 freestyle. Bronze around her neck for Ivan Rinaldi in the 200 m breaststroke (3’35″8) and Sophie Sciuli in the 100m freestyle (1’31″1). The latter also won fourth place in the 100m backstroke. At the foot of the podium we find: Piermario Paolantonio in frog 200, Sabrina Gabrielle in the 50 butterfly and Samuel Iannetta at 100 free. Great performance and gold medal for the 4×50 freestyle relay with a time of 2’16″3 thanks to the performance of Vittorio Cianciullo, Samuele Iannetta, Andrea Canzano and Julian Di Giacomo. Sync improvements for: Emma Felicia De Felice, Andrea Canzano, Jerry Pietro Serafino, Samuel Iannetta, Andrea Rago, Daniele Paolino, Piermario Paolantonio, Ricardo Nicodemo, Andrea Pipirigeanu, Alessia Rulli, Chiara Panichella, Diego Mario Giordano, Antonio Matteo Sforza, Domenico Crimaldi, Alessandro De Lellis.

Beginners A

Beginners A- Best Metal Medal for Matteo Salotto about 200 butterfly (2’40″0) and Jacopo Marzola in the 50 free ended in 29.4. For him also the fourth in the 400 free. They climbed on the second step of the podium Matteo Rignanese in the 100 m butterfly (2’57”40) and Nicole Santorelli in the 50m free (30”9). The standard bearer of the red and white company also manages to reach fourth place in the 400m freestyle. Steal Lorena Andreea Visan who wears two silver medals around her neck, in the 50 covered backstroke in 37″1 and in the 200 breaststroke swum in 3’16″6. He gets the same placement Ilario Menna on the 200 breaststroke (3’04″6). A lower step is placed Simone Listorto in the 50 free race closed in 29.9. Stefano Armando Alfieri he got drunk in the 400m free with a time of 5’17”5. At the foot of the podium Sara Simone And Nicholas Gabrielli in frog 200.

The men’s 4×50 freestyle relay with a time of 4’24″9 goes to the medal and is made of the best metal thanks to Simone Listorto, Jacopo Marzola, Stefano Armando Alfieri and Matteo Salotto.

On the other hand, the women’s 4×4 freestyle with a time of 4’57”8 in the pool is in bronze Arianna Marone, Nicole Santorelli, Laura Falbo, Lorena Andreea Visan. Sync improvements for: Arianna Marone, Elisa Fiacchino, Michela Melone, Emma Maria Masciulli, Claudia Niro, Jessica Zitti, Camilla Paolantonio, Emma Petrucci, Laura Falbo, Umberto Antonio Zitti, Lorenzo Aiello, Lorenzo Stefano Alfieri, Paolo Paolino, Alex Mangifesta, Gabriele Marchetta, Jacopo De Lena, Federico Petrella, Lorenzo De Angelis, Manuel Panichella, Simone Sallese, Domenico Rocco.

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