Moltivolti reopens and returns to feed with “the food of the world” (03/18/2022)

It will be with a big neighborhood party that Moltivolti will reopen its doors in the city of Palermo, who will be able to come back to taste the multi-ethnic dishes of what is now considered a lplace symbol of cultural rebirthespecially after the fire that destroyed the place last January, interweaving the local social fabric with the many humanities of many countries of the world.

Who, from 11 o’clock in the morning until the evening of sunday april 3will want to spend the day between Piazza Santa Chiara and Moltivolti, not only will be able to take part in many artistic moments in the program, but above all will have the opportunity to admire the new look of the place, whose facilities aim at a lower environmental impact thanks to the choice of more sustainable, but also to greater energy efficiency thanks to the replacement and modernization of electrical and air conditioning systems.

But not only, because as an element of great novelty, Moltivolti will boast of the great collective artistic interventionedited by Igor Scalisi Palminteri, Francesco de Grandi, Andrea Buglisthe, Gabriella Ciancimino And Laura Pitingaro. The team involved is of international importance, as all the artists share a Palermitan lineage, with prestigious collaborations that go far beyond national borders.

Francesco DeGrandifor example, is the protagonist of what has been defined as the Palermo School, important artistic movement which, between the 90s and the 2000s, with its abundant figurative production, represented a real turning point for a new generation of Sicilian and non-Sicilian painters. On this occasion he will measure himself with a luminous installation, a neon containing one of his now famous phrases from the series Left finger.

The intervention organized by Andrea Buglisi, figurative artist and street artist, recently entered the top hundred of Street art cities with his work dedicated to Falcone, considered by the international platform as one of the most interesting walls in the world in 2021. His stylistic code is expressed in a very personal balance between compositions that wink at design and to advertising and a critical message towards contemporaneity. On this occasion, he will ironically approach the theme of the fire with the aim of historicizing and stopping the dramatic event in time.

The pictorial intervention of Gabriella Ciancimino which aims to tell, through the involvement on the wall of the communities that animate the place, the narration of some migratory plants. The vegetal and botanical theme is extremely present in the research of the artist who is inspired by an update of Sicilian Art Nouveau and has recently produced an important work for the Italian headquarters of Facebook.

Laura Pitingaro she is an independent artist from Veneto, but from Palermo by adoption. She studied painting at the Academy of Verona, but is close to contemporary practices such as video art and performance, which she deepened with Karel Appel, Anish Kapoor and Gary Brackett. Within this collective project, he will try his hand at a very difficult test: the re-semanticization of a controversial space like that of the toilets. With this intervention, which includes painting but also the insertion of particular objects, it aims to project the user towards the perception of another space, playing on the themes of imagination and survival in the environment. .

Igor Scalisi Palminteri, defines himself as “the facilitator” of this collective project and, in addition to restoring and restoring some of his works already present in the room, will produce a new artistic intervention in which he will bring to the attention of the observer the relationships and looks of those already present Faces of Moltivolti.

What we want to bring out – says the artist – is the awareness that in our city there is a network of artists who are united and sensitive to the themes of integration and reception. Through these works, we want to be close to an important place for this city, where every day we experience a new idea of ​​​​the city and society, in which theand differences exist but are understood and seen as an asset and not just a problem. Our intention is to send a signal to the art world, demonstrating that art can also be made by supporting a place like this.“.

Another long-awaited moment photo exhibition “Ventivolti”tribute from Giovanni Franco, Except Gravano, Igor Petyx And Marcello Troisifour well-known Palermobian photographers who, as Giulio Giallombardo recounts in the text accompanying the exhibition, through their own sensitivity they wanted to fit together a mosaic of lives, crystallized in their flow, to give for the reopening of Moltivolti. Five tiles each, for twenty portraits which, seen all together, one after the other, tell different emotional stories, but with the same desire to be there, to be looked at and shouted to the world to exist“.

Admire the fighters of Giovanni Franco, black bandages on the face and punches towards the sky against violence, looks and smiles between anger and gentleness. the known stage faces performed by Salvo Gravano carry Ballarò in their hearts: the passion of a storyteller, the intense voice of a singer, the inspiration of a street artist, the enthusiasm of musicians. With Igor Petyx, on the other hand, we make an intense journey among migrants: the innocence wet with tears, the fearful eyes of those who do not yet believe they have succeeded and the shining eyes of those who are ready to start again; Finally, in the faces of Marcello Troisi, there is the religious Palermo of processions. Stories of devotion and intertwined cultures, in this border area where folklore meets the mystery of the sacred.

A new season opens for Moltivolti and many are looking forward to being there, on the first Sunday of April, to have a truly special moment, long awaited not only by the inhabitants of Palermo because, in this social enterprise that has made multi-ethnic catering a strong point, choosing the “food of the world” is to choose another way of living and sharing life.

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