Monstrous PSG salaries revealed, Neymar accused: Almost drunk in training

After the Champions League failure, fans identified Neymar as the most responsible, who found himself at the center of further baffling controversies.

News from France, bouncing in Spain and spreading around the world. Like a real storm that knows no bounds and only grows in thickness. This is what would happen at the heart of the Paris Saint Germain, torn by the audacious elimination of the Champions League, against Real Madrid and plagued by its own ghosts of yet another sporting failure. Between players, supporters and clubs it would now be an open challenge, between divisions, recriminations and accusations. The latest rumors mainly implicate one player in particular, Neymar Jr, who found himself at the center of the spiral after being accused of showing up for the last training sessions in pitiful conditions, bordering on drunkenness. A behavior that exploded popular anger coinciding with the publication by L’Equipe of the salaries of the highest paid Ligue 1 players, obviously almost all of PSG.

An attack on several fronts, this time frankly difficult to manage and resolvable in a short time. The storm over Paris is in full swing and the protest expressed by their supporters at Ligue 1 matches over the European collapse seems to be just the beginning. The worst is yet to come or is coming, given the disastrous news that has piled up in recent hours and has upset PSG. A crisis that seems total between collapses and a revolution (another) that seems to hover over all floors of the club. Obviously without even forgetting the Kylian Mbappé affair, who no longer seems to have the slightest reason to think about his future in Paris, now with the agreement with Real Madrid in his pocket.

The capital club are going through a very complicated period and the fans have now also identified the number one culprit of all this, Neymar, who in the last match against Bordeaux was heavily booed at the Parc des Princes. A Neymar targeted from all sides and who is today the subject of terrible revelations which concern him directly as we expected.After the foot“, from the French journalist Daniel Riolo who described a Neymar who no longer cares at all about what he does day to day and who would even be at war with his club:”Neymar no longer trains, sometimes he manages to train in a lamentable state, he is unable to train, bordering on drunk“explains Riolo about.”Neymar is in a phase where he actually seeks revenge on the club, he harbors hatred. He no longer trains, he no longer comes to train and is no longer in a condition to train. Today he is no longer a footballer

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While the Neymar affair is particularly sensitive to PSG, terrible new revelations have just been made about the Brazilian which would also affect him on the salary front, for the earnings received monthly. Which, of course, caused a stir, further increasing the anger of PSG supporters when they confirmed that, despite the pandemic and the global economic recession, they had seen the Parisian company’s salaries paid to players increase almost double. .

Salaries on a monthly basis (gross) calculated and published by L'Equipe

Salaries on a monthly basis (gross) calculated and published by L’Equipe

Obviously, Neymar ended up at the top of Scrooge’s list, ahead of Messi and Mbappé. a little more than 4 million euros gross per month, thus the Brazilian is ahead of the Argentinian who receives 3.3 million euros while the French phenomenon is “content” with only 2.2 million euros. In all of this, seven PSG players are earning over €1m a month with Marquinhos, Verratti, Hakimi and Navas rounding out the list. To find the trace of a player outside PSG in the salary ranking, according to calculations published by L’Equipe, you have to go down to 15th place with the Monegasque Wissam Ben Yedder who earns 650,000 € per month.

But there is more: the average salary at PSG is €990,000, while for all Ligue 1 teams it is around €100,000. “Without” the emoluments of Parisians, in Ligue 1 the average salary of a player (on a gross monthly basis) is around 60,000 euros, but 50% of members earn less than 40,000 euros. PSG therefore represents the Eldorado of French football and not only for the players. Among the coaches, Mauricio Pochettino he is the highest paid of all with a gross monthly salary of 1.1 million euros. The Parisian is ahead of Jorge Sampaoli, who takes less than half, around 330 thousand euros. Behind the two Argentinians, it is Christophe Galtier, the first French coach up to 25,000 euros per month, by Pascal Gastien (Clermontois) who closes the ranking.

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